Future of Quimby


I have one question. Quimby is supposed to be shut down by Dec 1st. No need to talk about that point, regardless I really like playing there and I am a bit sad to see my airline gone in a month.

Anyhow my question is on the future is there any plan to have a new server with similar settings? I really started to love playing with old A/C and being able to order 757, Fokker and other aircraft. I sure think there is a need to adapt the settings a bit here and there (e.g. tje IL-18 problem etc.)

Looking forward to hear the teams opinon but also the ones of other players.

PS: I am really keen on the planned "Historic" server. I really enjoyed playing quimby and looking forward to play on a server with the Iron Curtain and two Germanys

It's great that you posted this question the same day I was about to ask the same. I love playing in Quimby even if my airline is predestined to last 8 months. I'm farily new to this game and I'm really start to asking how could I start a new airline in, for example, Kaitak. That server has been running for 7 years and I doubt how a new airline could be successful there. I work too much a day and Quimby gave me the chance to enjoy the game at very low "attention rates" (so to speak). It's also a great test server, in which you can test routes, configurations, etc, and then reset to start over again, since the planes will be there after you reset anyways.

I think it would be a great addition if you could restart Quimby and make it run 1 year, then reset it, and all over again. I'm obviously talking from a player perspective, and I don't really know how much effort or stress to your servers that could put. I've been buying 250 credits a time, just because Quimby existed. I started playing on Ellinikon but there are too many players doing too many silly things (like occupying slots and whatever), so when I discovered Quimby, it really made me want to play. Probably there are/were many players in the same situation, so I think it could even be productive for the devs too.

If that's not possible, it would be good to hear a reason from the devs/admins. I'm gonna start a company in Ellinikon once Quimby closes, but I really don't know for how long I will keep buying credits if the game is not as satisfying as it is in Quimby.


It is not impossible to start a successful new airline on one of the older servers; all that is needed is some research and planning.