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I think this game will benefit if you removed credits. I love the game but cannot invest in credits for the game. If nothing is done about this, the game will fail, where people like me will move to cyber airlines + airline empires (which are not as good as this game. What i am trying to say is that you need to contact airline sim, and say that you want credits removed. The more complaints we get, maybe they will take action, Thanks

AirlineSim’s been around for almost 10 years. I don’t see why it should "fail" now :wink:

to pay for AS is one of it’s best features, you not have all the time 12 and 13yo who try everything and throw it away after one month because they are bored or too stupid for the simulation

I agree!

Considering how good and still cheap AirlineSim is, I don’t think there’s much to complain about.

I used to play Airline Mogul, Airline Empires, Airline Tycoon, Airline Manager and Cyber Airlines in the past. They were all nice in their own way, but none of them is even close to AirlineSim.

I believe AS Team doesn’t earn much from credits, but they still work very hard and have the best airline management sim on the web IMO. You should be thankful, not complain.

I played on idle few years ago and stopped after an bancrupt … last year I still want to play and started new.

Paying for Credits was the first thing I have done.

60 Credits from German and 60 Credits now from International are 120 Free Credits I got from AirlineSim in Total. Over one thousend I still have now.

AS is the only Browser Game I play on and on and do not stop after a while … why? It’s more then good.

[color=#888888][font=arial, sans-serif][size=2][color=#000000][size=2]Hello,

I have given my vote to "yes" because in Colombia there is no method of payment,

Martin says that the game takes 10 years, the problem is that both do not seek advancepayment for all parties benefit the most are the Europeans and the U.S…

well, I hope to continue growing reconcideren before, new forms of payment that serveLatin America.


As martin said, it’s not that we don’t want to, it’s that the means that are available for that part of the world are generally not available in a language we speak (not even English, something that for international contacts can be considered a required language).

Further, it’s only logical that, seeing where the game comes from, it mainly targets Europe (and for the above listed reason now also all of the English-speaking world). Other parts of the world will follow in due time, when more means become available that we can implement. Sadly, that’s not entirely in our control, so we can’t say when such a thing would happen.

Pertinent to the credits, it’s what keeps the game running. The alternative would be to completely fill all of the game pages with a dozen or so ads. I, and just about everyone else who has been here for a long time, much prefer to pay for the game if it keeps such annoying ads away. Recently, these kind of ads have been getting more and more annoying, including videos and audio which can be quite a heavy load on some systems…

But that’s an issue with payment system, not credits themself…

[font=arial, sans-serif][size=2]Hello Tims,

if payment through the website in English.

The Pay By Cash,

that method of payment can go to many parts of the world as it has many methods to recharge.

media are, just look, you guys do not think only in Europe, think that his game is very good, and lationamericanos we like.

if as you say the game is designed for Europeans, take us out of the game and we want to play and pay like everyone else, we need only one method.


PD: If you need to translate the page to Spanish, I could help.[/size][/font]

That’s not what I said, or at least not what I meant to say…

This game started more than 10 years ago, at the time only in the German language. The target audience, for that reason, was the German-speaking population anywhere in the world. Only a few years ago did AirlineSim branch out with an international version. Since we’re still expanding and actually currently uniting all parts of the game, things are a little busy. I can’t tell you for sure because it’s not under my control, but if there’s a possibility to integrate additional payment options to enable Latin Americans to play the game, I’m sure they will be considered. I believe Martin was already planning to take a look at the link you provided to see what is possible, but what with the move that we have been going through today, that’s not on the high priority list at the moment.

I believe anyone with a valid credit card can either pay directly or via paypal… hence I think that puts to rest the discussion about the lack of payment systems favoring the Europeans and US, I pay from India and it’s not a problem I don’t see how it is a problem from Colombia. The only reason a huge majority of the players are europeans (more specifically Germans) is because the game was launched there and I don’t think AS has or ever had enough funds to do a global marketing campaign.

About credits, I think the cost of AS is quite affordable even by Indian and Chinese standards and as someone already pointed out paying keeps the ads and young teenagers out and given that the servers can only have 1200players It would be quite difficult to get enough earnings from ads alone just to keep AS afloat.

[font=arial, sans-serif][size=2]Hello,

tims no problem, they have not said anything about just Europe.

look in Colombia if credit card, the problem is that many do not, such as myself, I have no credit card, and I have no paypal account, that can only be recharged with a credit card,

there is a payment option, which says that if there is in Colombia, the "Ukash" but not true, since August 2010, have stopped selling and they do not know.

I think the best option is the link that I have put in lationamerica the market is large, but the only problem is the excaso of payment methods.

I have several friends who are interested in the game but like me, are unable to pay.

Greetings to all the team of AS.[/size][/font]

Well, we have paypal. Just open an account and add a credit card or ask your bank for a virtual or web debit card. Problem solved. Don’t really see what’s the fuss.

And all those pay-by-cash, international bank transfers, sms and etc can double the price of credits.

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[font="arial, sans-serif"][size="2"][color="#1c2837"][size="2"]And neither one of those friends have a living relative with a paypal account?[/size][/color][/size][/font]

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[font="arial, sans-serif"] [/font]Either way, I am glad with the current systems, which, hopefully provides enough money for developers to buy bread. If it comes to it, I would gladly pay even more.


I don’t mind paying for a good game. Besides, some people work(ed) hard to create, maintain and improve this game. So why shouldn’t they earn money with it ?


[font=arial, sans-serif][size=2]Hello,

Look, I have 19 years and I do not have a bank account, other than not even need it, that banks charge high tax

the paypal in Colombia can only be by credit card and I have, and no friend pays the credit card = S,

I’m not asking for bank transfer or by mailing or by sms

the PayByCash, they charge a few cents I do not see the problem of pay,

am aware that the game is affordable for payment, as I say the problem is the methodthat we have in Colombia.

I am not forming problems, just ask you to analyze a system of payment for "Colombia" or "Latin America"


Hm… paypal is not available in every country. And in some countries where paypal is available, it is not commonly used.

Plus, my bank (account, debit card, credit card and so on) costs me 100 euro per year. In some countries that is an average monthly salary. Please don’t start a discussion that ends with embarrassing yourself or others


[color=#888888][font=arial, sans-serif][size=2][color=#000000][size=2]Hello,


You are right, things are not the same in all countries,

I would not be talking and asking for more payment methods, if I had any credit card orother payment.

I do not want to cause trouble and discomfort.


I do not mind paying for a game that people have spent time to create. I am more than happy to spend the money and very much enjoy the game.

I would like to say without being critical of the As team and not to cause offence, that as a paying customer that is supporting your program I hope you work hard to develop the game further, add more features and player requests.

I hope to see in the future the new features, new aircraft, servers, developments and improvements (like the aircraft performance data) and as such I will continue to support your work.



Couldn’t agree more with Mikk and I believe that the AS team does their best to listen to the general forum of customers on here. I also appreciate the fact that when there is a problem the support team are usually very timely in their repsonse which helps keep people happy and the game running.

well for one thing, credits do keep the non-serious players away from jeoparsizing the balance insde the game…

plus, this is an excellent game and i don’t see why the developers shouldn’t get paid!