Game world with 20 years old aircrafts from 1990 onwards

I remember Airlinesim used to have some time ago game worlds with 20 years old A320’s and 737NGs available for leasing at the start, OTTO VIII, the oldest aircrafts are 5 to 6 years.

Is there going to have another game world with these configurations again? I remember a 18 years old A320 for example costed for deposit in leasing A$400.000, some players already had in the first week more than 20 narrowbodies.

I think there is nothing wrong with OTTO VIII, But it would be good to have servers like the old ones too.


@simulogics @martin Do you have plans to create a new temporary game world with these configurations again?

I think the plans on public servers changed but on private servers you can find those configurations.

There are several public worlds with old planes. Idlewild, Kaitak and more.

Yes but most are pretty old and saturated. He was asking for new ones

No, he was asking for old planes.
“I remember a 18 years old A320 for example costed for deposit in leasing A$400.000, some players already had in the first week more than 20 narrowbodies.”

With new ones i meant new serves. I know he was asking for old planes.

that’s what lucas said, those public worlds are saturated, difficult to find slots and almost no active players, I was asking if is there’s going to be a new temporary public world with the new ORS and used aircrafts from the late 90’s and early 2000’s with 20 years old available at the start.

I’m sure it would be a profitable world for the AS team, it would meet a demand from players who want to start with a large fleet but can’t afford paying private worlds.

I’m not saying that every new world should have this configuration, just one or two per year is great, AS is a business and serving the largest possible public is more chance of profits of course, Servers without used aircraft are as important too, servers like OTTO VIII or DOMINATION should continue as they are if they are profitable.

Well I do not work for the company, but this is what they said all the way back in 2018 (wow, how time flies…):

When we launched Hoover almost one year ago, we already discussed the dilemma of long-term game worlds: It is one of the unique features of AirlineSim to have these “endless” game worlds that allow you to manage your airlines for many, many years. But thanks to market forces, these game worlds naturally become saturated over the years and the airlines are big, but few. Therefore, player numbers drop and finally stagnate. We definitely do not want to shut down those long-term game worlds, thus undoing all the hard work players have put into their airlines. But while 100 players on a game world are still enough to pay for the server hardware and upkeep, our old long-term game worlds contribute a rather small share to AirlineSim as a whole.

So the issue is not profitability. From what I can see in forums, there are definitely some of these oldies that live on due to the dedication of some players and crucially alliances. Some are not though; if profitability was a thing, something like Pearls or Nicosia (still holding on with 50 or so players and 3-4 multinationals with 10+ airlines under just one holding price of 0.20EUR/day) would no longer be there, to unpopular reception which would further lead to exodus. So that starts a chain and not one that ends well for the folx at Simulogics. Plus they do third party work and have PU so their income is not solely determined therefore taking the loss makes sense for reputation’s sake.

Wright II you mean? I have a gut feeling that this at some point will be realized; it just depends what happens in December… Still might not be what you’re looking for, unfortunately.

I like the idea of modern fleet types old + cheap - my first true world (an Otto, Otto VI IIRC) was something like this. Those cheap A320 sure were nice to expand. It would be a good idea as I feel that its getting better but the short term worlds have very similar stuff in mind…

I nominate another question… why 10 months for ST worlds? Anyone still really care after 10 months and expanding this much? I have never seen it happen. Look at Bleriot now with a whole month to go… I propose that we at least consider adding more rotativity to these so there is not so much a ‘wait for your config’ if you do not like the ‘newer’ ones on offer. That would be if we diversified the short term worlds (one with modern types only but UM, one that’s the traditional no UM (where everyone just spams 295/220, yeah I’m calling it out), and one with the old things and new ones and UM; mixing double slots and stuff in some of these of course.
Of course this period might be calculated already internally to maximize fun but I’d invite a revision to any such calculation especially as player-bases begin to have lives back after Corona extra time.

I agree then with your points as sort of a TLDR.

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I agree with you, 10 months is too much, Bleriot and others temporary worlds they end up with few active players, AS team surely has the numbers to maximize it, maybe 6 months? maybe increasing starting capital too if shortening temporary worlds, do some testing.

I know each player has their preferences and we have to respect, but normally the first week you don’t have anything to do except wait 1 week to lease the next aircraft, increasing starting capital and shortening temporary worlds would be a good idea to that, more action in the first weeks, again why not do some testing about it? one or two servers per year, it doesn’t have to be every server.

@martin @lenana Do you have plans to create a new temporary public game world with these configurations?

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hey everyone, thanks for your suggestions! i can see that game worlds with shorter durations and higher starting capital would be an interesting thing to try out. i can’t really promise anything but we’ll take your ideas into consideration!

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