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Question to AS admin:

How long does a trial period last for?

I know that you give out 60 credits to cover any trial period (It was the ongoing rate when I started over a year ago anyway) and in a general way that should cover a 2 week period (15 days to be exact) and that there’s also a grace period which lenght I don’t know about. Personnaly I’ve checked some trial members that have been playing for a couple of days and haven’t showed up afterward but are still on the gameboard even after a month of being on ‘‘auto pilot’’ administration. So is there a way of knowing exactly how long these trial member are going to stay on… because usually these people just set up some flights and usually not in a right fashion, get tired after a few days not understanding how the game works and just never come back… I can point a couple I found being in Sapleton ‘’ Russell Air ‘’ (9A9) which is actually just an empty Holding registered April 29th, last player apparition same day. ‘’ RussellAirlines ‘’ (A9A) registered May 3rd, last apparition May 9th. Both being based in MEL and with A9A trying to run flights out of JFK thru the US and Overseas… these flights aren’t picking up any passengers for obvious market restriction reasons but are locking down slots in key airports.

On Meigs, ‘’ Jet Mu ‘’ (JMU) registered April 25th last apparition April 27th and running a single aircraft and not picking up a single passenger for some obscure aircraft setting reason, stil in operation after now 1 month being labeled in Trial Period… So I was just wondering how long are these companies going to go on still???

Thanks for taking the time to answer.


After the trial period the account runs out of credits. If the owner does not return, the account will be deleted after about a month.

[size=“3”][font=“Calibri”]That seems a long time especially if they buy up aircraft, and do not put them on routes, then disappear. That leaves some good aircraft sitting for about 6 weeks that can’t be used. Could this be changed to something a little more user friendly, like 2 weeks after no activity? On Pearls there is an airline named"Small Airline" he leased 105 Let-410s and has not been back since day one. I’m not a user of the Let but that is ridiculous.[/font][/size]