Getting rid of A/C on credit

Hi guys,

Last week I tapped the wrong option trying to bid on the lease of an aircraft. I selected "credt" by mistake, and now I am stuck with way to high cost for this aircraft, holding me back on expansion.

What would happen when I, on purpose, won't have enough money to pay the next "loan payment"? Will the aircraft be returned and will I get my deposit back? (just as with leasing), or will I face liquidation? I don't think selling it on the current market on Tempelhof will do me any good. And if I would put it up for sale, will it keep flying the routes or will it just sit on the tarmac?


You have to "sit" a plane to lease or sell it. You can't have it with an active schedule.

As for the other part of your question, I have no idea. Someone else will have to tackle that one. I know that you won't get the "deposit" back, because it's not a deposit. It's a down payment.

My guess is that you will be in the red (owing money).. And then when the next leasing installment comes, you won't be able to pay it, one aircraft will be returned and you will get this aircraft's deposit back.

I had a similar problem once, with 2 MD-80 that i bought.. They are a big problem to get rid of.. If you are in a hurry to sell it, there's an option, but you will love some of it's value.. Because if you put in the market, you have to wait for 2 weeks for the AS Bank (i guess) buy it. Create a subsidiary and transfer the aircraft to this subsidiary, and then liquidate it. But i don't remember if it works for the aircraft that is not yet paid off. 

Best regards ;)

There is not much you can do.  I have had a 767 on the market (Nicosia) for several months now, with no buyers.  Its nearly impossible to get rid of a plane you do not want... :(

IIRC I was able to help one player to purchase one aircraft (that he bought new) and after mistakes made by me, my airline folded and he had so many employees with no work (formerly Interlining-workers). So I was pleased to help him and purchased his aircraft and leased this aircraft to him at minimum lease. OK, this is not standard and financially not viable but it was my aim to show him, that I felt sorry. Maybe you can find a buyer who will be willing and able to purchase such an aircraft?