Getting rid of cargo costs


I just set up my company but i noticed they are charging me all kind of costs for the cargo, even if i am not doing any cargo transportation!!

I am not interested in flying cargo, but how can i set this one up in the game??


Depends on the world. In newer worlds you can opt out to not transport cargo in the inventory page.

But in most cases, you will just have higher costs in your pax classes unless your cargo is really zero-0 CU that you transport. The relevant costs you see on the calculation page is the total amount. This total amount is split up to the classes you offer. If you opt out of cargo, the total amount remains the same for almost all of the cost items, you the allocation is then just different.


The thing is cargo can bring money even for passenger operators. As long as you have a strong cargo demand and some dedicated cargo feeder you will get decent loads. If you build your own cargo terminal it it will barely cost you much. So for passenger operators cargo is a bonus, though never count on it, just see it as a bonus.


The distribution of costs displayed is misleading: even if you do disable cargo, those costs will still get charged anyway, they’ll just show on the passenger side instead. Don’t think that by disabling cargo you’ll save that money.