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Global Group is a worldwide leading airline holding company flying 5 million passengers per week which is 3.5% of the global market. Together with our substantial ownership in the words largest cargo company together with our own cargo operation we hold about 4% of the global Cargo market. We operate 4 main division with further minor divisions within our group. We employ over 100,000 people and operate over 1500 new jet aircraft. Our Global divisions are:


American Sky which operates in the united States with hubs at New York La Guardia, Las Vegas, Orlando, Seattle and Denver with further focus cities all across the nation. American operates a fleet of over 400 brand new A320 series aircraft with over 21000 staff. American is a Unity Skies member and a joint venture with DC Air.


IndoSky is the main airline of the Global Group and is where everything started. Indo operates across Asia with hubs in Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, Uljung Padang, Medan, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Together with our Regional carrier Indo Express we fly 3 million passengers per week using a fleet of 500 brand new A320NEO family machines, 100 state of the art A350 XWBs and 100 brand new mega jumbo A380s. We employ over 70,000 staff across our whole network. IndoSky is also a large Terminal operator operating the best of the best in terminals across all continents. We are a proud Unity member.


Tianjin Sky is the latest addition to the Global Group. The airline was recently purchased together with Tao Aviation Services and works closely with Tao Air Beijing and Blue Management to dominate China. Tianjin Sky operates hubs in Tianjin, Kunming, Urumqi and Changsha Huanghua and Haikou. After complete Global assimilation as been achieved we will operate a fleet of 500 brand new A320NEo machines and lease out 140 MD80s. Tianjin Sky employees 24000 staff and proudly flies in Unity!


CBE Airways operates a state of the art fleet in Barbados with a sizable transatlantic operation!


They aren't bad, but you can do better =)

Tianjin Sky is the onliest company, which I would change the logo completely


Thanks, I beg to differ about Tianjin logo as differing from the other ones it got a serious explanation written by the companies founder and creator of the logo.

"Tianjin Sky's logo, which consists of the company name in Chinese characters and the stars forming the aquarius constellation, was inspired by one of the stories for the origin of the city’s name, that it honors a former name of the Girl, a Chinese constellation recorded under the name Tianjin in the astronomical section of the Book of Sui,the official history book of the Sui Dynasty (A.D 581-618). The Girl mansion one of the mansions of Chinese constellations has an equivalent version in the european constellation, that is the Aquarius constellation, found in the airline's logo."



Since acquiring Tianjin Sky Global Group has worked hard to take the airline to 1000000 passengers per week, opening new markets and significantly rising profits. We believe that we have been able to achieve all 3 of these points as we have not only enlarged Tianjin Sky but we have also been able to successfully implement the Global Model across the whole network, which dramatically increases our profits. The Global Model is the staple of luxury which the Chinese audience have been very happy to embrace. Our beloved partner Blue Management has touched on this segment but Tianjin Sky is able to be superior in so many ways, from our fantastic Global Class crew to our delicious flight services and our heavenly Global Plazas scattered around the world. All our achievements would not have been possible without our fantastic staff.  All staff have been offered a package involving 20 weeks salaries if they are not ready for these changes but thankfully only a fractional number have taken this great package. The Global Group is greatly invested to Tianjin Sky as it is embracing the future with open arms.



Tianjin Sky finished a record week with 1160000 passengers flown way above our expectations and a projected end of week profit of over 100 million dollars (expected to be 150 million next week)! As most Global Assets we are aiming for a 100 dollars per passenger profit, which is easily achievable by our fantastic business model. We are now the 5th largest Chinese airline and on the list of the most profitable in the world. We have also just minutes ago completed our reconfiguration effort with the last MD87s getting the new Recliner Plus seats and Lie Flat 140 Leather Ecstasy seats. 


Our new cabins dont just have fantastic seats but also the best of lighting and fantastic speakers being able to play the best of music. In our attempt to bring fairly unknown fantastic artists to the world stage we will this month have boarding music by the fantastic Swedish artists Seinabo Sey who is able to make fantastic songs with a meaning. We believe that our state of the art onboard sound systems supplied by Boose are able to play her fantastic music much better than most concert venues. We will play her brand new single "Breathe" as as well as some of her well known singes during May as boarding music on all flights. Welcome onboard Tianjin Sky, your Chinese carrier!



As the first Semi Final for Eurovision is happening today the CEO of the Global Group is very happy to congratulate all participants in this fantastic contest. The CEO himself is a huge Eurovision fan having attended multiple Grand Finals with the first one being when he was just 7 year old. This year is a further special time as the contest in hosted in Lisbon which is one of the CEO's favourite cities. He takes every opportunity he has to visit Lisbon as many times as possible (even if it for only 1 hour). Lisbon is also home to one of his favourite restaurants being Maria de Carmo which he always tries the hardest to go to on any layover in Lisbon. Due to the CEO´s personal affection for the Eurovision and Portugal Global Group has dispatched 100 flight attendants to hand out 1000$ Global Vouchers throughout the city and at the contest. This will in total cost the company 10 million dollars but the CEO believes it to be huge marketing attempt to allow festival goers to find these vouchers throughout the city. Flight attendants from all Global assets will be present at the contest appropriately dressed in their uniforms being there to enhance the party. Global Group is the official airline sponsor of the Eurovision! May the best entry win!



American has expanded rapidly over the last weeks. We have been phasing out 120 A318s and A319s in favour of new and efficient Cseries aircraft. We have also expanded into new territories such as a massive increase in capacity at Denver offering more and better connections across all of the US. We have greatly grown and are working to increase our profit margins to what they previously were.

The biggest news was that today American and Star America International Airlines signed an agreement on collaboration. This involves a non compete agreement and an Interlining agreement which both parties will follow. Meaning that from now on any passenger on either of our carriers can successfully transfer from on to the other. This is a great shock to many aviation analysts as just half a year ago Star America International Airlines opened a hub at Orlando International which historically is an American hub. With this the CEO of American realised that collaborating would be a better idea than competing for the tiny Orlando market. In the agreement American agreed to not further expand at Orlando but keep all current flights. This agreement starts as of today as it will give passengers of both carriers an advantage with more destinations and more frequency. We look forward towards the future and hope for a long and prosperous collaboration!



The Global Group congratulates Netta on winning the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. The song is certainly spectacular, although very questionably musical characteristics with various chicken noises used the song is generally very happy and very good. The CEO is proud to announce it will be used for now on as official Global Group boarding music throughout the whole group. Sadly we will have to end our Seinabo sey campaign after just a week to interrupt with this fantastic song. The CEO expressed in Statement "I hated the song after a friend of mine showed me it but after listening to it 3 times I have completely fallen in love. In an unexplainable way the song makes me feel happy as soon as I hear it. When watching the Eurovision I was scared that Austria or Sweden would win which both are songs that did not deserve the trophy. The song somehow reminds me of my favourite ever Eurovision song being Ukraine's 2007 "Lasha Tumbai". I do greatly question the chicken noises but I absolutely love Netta's song."

And the CEO's favourite Lasha Tumbai!



With the American premier of Solo coming up tomorrow the Global Group has prepared a huge miracle to help children around the world to reach the joy and see the universe far, far away...

The Global group has for a long time sponsored Star Wars with Indo being the official Star Wars Carrier but now we have taken it to a completely different level. In our attempt to help children and teenagers in need we will send out 100 Global planes from all divisions around the world to Show this beautiful movie tomorrow Friday the 25th exactly 41 years since the premier of the first Star Wars. The 100 aircraft will be compromised of 10 A380s, 20 A350s, 30 A320s, 30 A321s and 10 739s. These will be stationed on every continent to show this movie in either one or two screenings complete with complementary Global Popcorn and more snacks than you can dream of. These screenings will be completely free for charities helping children in need. Some planes will be specifically flown to the destination in question but most will be stationed there anyways and will thereby show the movie while waiting for the next flight. This operation will be done outside of crew hours which means that Global cant force staff to work. Thereby over 2000 crew members have chosen to volunteer their lay off time to manage these screenings. We want to thank these staff for their contribution and their sacrifice of their time. The CEO will also be present on an A350-1000 screening the movie in London though he already had the pleasure to see the movie yesterday and he really enjoyed it. He said in an Interview "Although not an important movie and more like Rebels episode it is a really good movie and a beauty to watch. In a way it is as if the Lone Ranger would take place in the Star Wars Universe, but any movie with the amount of legends references is great for a Star Wars fan. Though the best thing was seeing the return of Maul to the Big Screen".



Recently there has been a large scale debate in Indonesia which has greatly been spreading across the media networks. The issue is that it is not allowed to work at Indo (or any other Global Group entity) while keeping Ramadan Fasting. This has been a minor issue at our other Global entities but as Indonesia is a muslim country it is an issue that is quickly spreading and is provoking many different opinions. The official Indo explanation is that "People who follow this hard diet can not function effectively under severe stress thereby risking the lives of our passenger and crew in case of an emergency situation".

The CEO said "This has nothing to with the fact that we are a Christian carrier and has only to do with us not wanting to risk any lives and we will do anything we can to continue being the world's safest carrier". He also explained that Indo cant force staff to eat and drink but if it affects their performance they will have to be sent home on either sick leave or holiday. He further expressed that any staff that wish to follow this tradition can always take out their vacation days or go on unpaid leave. A further argument has been that "Why cant non traveling staff not follow the diet?", for us all our staff need to function and in the case of an emergency ground and control staff are equally important to flight staff.  

We would further want to congratulate all on the upcoming Eid which this year happens to coincides with the birthday of the CEO's dog. 



The Global Group will tomorrow implement a new system which will revolutionise the Industry, this system will be implemented across all carriers. Our plan is to have a specific flight management personnel be a commander of a specific plane. Thereby each and everyone of our over 1500 planes will receive a dedicated commander who will be responsible for one plane. Our idea with this system is that as each plane has an individual commander this person will take extra care of this specific plane. He will make sure that it always has good and ready crew, maintenance scheduled, services scheduled and that the plane is generally taken well care of. Each year the 100 top commanders with the top performing planes will be rewarded with 10,000$ as a gift for their extraordinary performance. Above the Aircraft Commanders there is a new position called "Station Commander" who is responsible for all planes based at that station or in our top hubs there are a rank in between Aircraft Commander and Station Commander called "Model Commander" who is repsouble for a specific model of plane at a specific station. Each Global entity then has a "Fleet Commander" who is repsoibekl for the operations of each plane at the airline with the CEO being the "Supreme Commander". Our goal with trying this system out will be that the specific commanders will take pride and put dedication into their plane thereby increasing performance. 



Global Group is supporting the Swedish Christian Democratic Party! We believe in a modern party with the most charismatic of party leaders Ebba Busch Thor. In our efforts we have repainted 20 long range A350 aircraft in special KD liveries to lobby our strong support for the party. With the Swedish election just around the corner we believe that a party which wants to bring change while still keeping our Swedish and Christian values is the way to go. Sweden is in a very serious public services crisis after the neglect of the Social Democrats which is why we need a new government and serious public reforms in both healthcare and education. As our current government is preoccupied with their agenda of further raising the world's already highest taxes thereby making any sensible corporation leave Sweden (Look at Nordea  leaving Sweden and Norwegian refusing to further expand in Sweden) and enforcing feminist ideals on 5 year olds while our our healthcare system has fallen out of control. Elderly are confined to loneliness, disabled children are taken from their parents and forcefully institutionalised and over 130,000 people are waiting just to meet a doctor. The CEO of Global Group has had enough of how Sweden is run and is truly scared of the direction this great nation is taking which is why he is a member and fully supports Kristdemokraterna! It is finally time to be able to trust Sweden again.


And why are you posting this here, Christian?


Simply to express a situation and create some entertaining content. My news threads have always been a way for me to express a lot of very random informative or entertaining things. This explains the situation we have in Sweden and linking it to my fictional airline. Almost all over 100 posts I have written in these types of threads are something important to me linked to my airlines. 

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I don’t like to see advertising for any political party. My personal thing. Might be that I am the only one with a problem with this. I will certainly not write here which party I will elect here in Germany in a couple of weeks. (OK, Bavaria. Not whole Germany.)


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Sadly the Global Group is now officially dead after two years and a bit of operation as the CEO ran out of credits. Except for Tianjin Sky every other asset is gone. The CEO had this short comment:

"I have to say that I am extremely grateful to Martin and the rest of the team who have developed and run this fantastic game. It is just that I have achieved everything that I possibly can and thereby have lost interest in the game. I have also had more going on in real life such as studying more, becoming a party member of the Swedish Christian Democrat party, becoming a frequent reader at Sunday Mass in the Catholic Church of Malmö, and being elected member of the board of the Student Union. All these activities occupy most of my time but offer new challenges. This has further distanced me from the game which for me didn't offer enough challenges to continue playing. First of all, I didn't feel like there ever was anything else to do than just schedule which I never liked in the first place. I wish you all the best in this fantastic game and don't regret a second spent playing it. If anybody ever happens to be in Malmö don't be afraid to reach out to me. Cheers, Christian"