Go America


[size="4"]Airline: Go America

[/size][size="4"]Hub: Minneapolis/St.Paul[/size]

[size="3"][b]Main Airline at the Hub of Minneapolis/St.Paul (USA)

[/b]Departures: 5.334

Stock Symbol:[/size]GOAM

Member of Rising Union


[size="3"]Fleet: 322 (overall)

[/size](DashQ- Series, Fokker 70/100, A320/A321, 757, 767, 777)

  • all planes bought -


[center][size="3"]IPO-Start of Go America: 7.10.2011[/size]


[center][b][size="5"]Today Go America is going Public:

IPO of Go America[/size]

[/b] [/center]

Americas leading airline… :D :D :D

really? :lol:

[center][size="3"]One Day to Go!

The IPO is successfull and nearly 100% of the shares are signed.

Last Chance to be Part of Go America

[size="4"]IPO Go America[/size]

[/size] [/center]


Aus Mangel an Motivation wurde die Airline gelöscht


Great, so then can I get the money back I invested in your IPO?

(JK. Ist schade, aber auch verstaendlich.)