green rating still very low loading?

I have got very high green rating. when I played trial version I could get full booking, but when I play full credit version I get very low booking. why is that?

should I still make the plane inflight to wait the loading rate climb up?


The load of your planes can really vary.

1)Sometimes it’s not your fault, it may just be that time of the year. Since AS is suppose to be a realistic airline simulation, if a country’s air travel has decreased so will your flights.

2)Another reason could be your pricing, if your prices are outrageously higher than other airlines, obviously those passengers would rather fly another airline.

  1. The rating of your flights which includes seats, price, condition, aircraft type, aircraft age, staff mood, flight attendant etc, can change your flight loads. You should try and improve this by improving your onboard service, paying more to your staff to make them happy (if you can afford) and buying popular aircraft types like Boeing and Airbus, because not many passenger may want to fly in an old Yokavlav(excuse my spelling).help

  2. There may not be a large demand for certain routes, so it is always a good idea to give it a trial run, or to have daily flights and if they are always full, add more flights :)

  3. Finally your network, if you have lots of connection flights available to passengers, you will have bigger loads. Don’t worry about this too much if you are just starting, concentrate on high demand routes.

I hope my reasons have been helpful. They are all that i can think of. If you found it helpful please vote for my post by pressing the green + on the bottom left of my post.

Thanks so much


Demand is fixed, no seasonal variations. This data is also static, so a change in loads cannot be because of the above.

Your reasons have some merit, but they don’t really explain the difference between before and after buying the credits.

Most likely you entered a route that had competition and this competition has lowered their prices to draw passengers back to their flights. It could also be that you were operated on a route alone (or with little competition) and that a competitor has entered this route as well, drawing passengers away from you. Probably the best bet would be to check the route management screen for this flight and see which other airlines are operating, check their prices and compare this to your own. Also check to see if their flights are fully booked or not.

Oh Ok :)

I would have prefered it to be seasonal cause like it’s more realistic.

And yea thats what i was trying to say about the prices.

Seasonal demand automatically requires seasonal flight schedules, something that at this time is far too complicated to use (think of the problems it causes with slot allocation alone).

One more thing. It is possible that there isn’t enough demand on the route. It happened to me a few times: no competition, great service, terminal and everything, but I still couldn’t fill the aircraft… You can either use less capacity (smaller aircraft), less frequencies (sometimes daily flights don’t work out, try flying just a few times weekly, etc.) or simply abolish the route and find a new one with more demand.

Which, again, doesn’t explain why the planes were full before he bought the credits…

Maybe he changed something with the route and simply forgot what. It can’t have anything to do with credits or trial/premium status.

Hi Tim,

I believe you answered that question correctly in a previous post… when Cellist started playing, he probably lured passengers away from competing airlines. When these airlines noticed, they lowered their prices or improved their service. Give the competition a few days to notice something is wrong and then add three days before any (price or service) changes are effective. That’s enough time to give Cellist the impression that competition became harder after he bought credits.


hmmm, wonder if someone could help me, i started playing this a few days ago, i have daily routes from IBZ-LTN and i seem to get an incredibly small number of bookings, currently on 2 booked seats out of 100 :confused:

i have a fantastic on board service and my prices are far cheaper than other airlines ($59)+

Thanks in advance

Could be there is not enough demand between the 2 airports? LTN is 7 and IBZ is 6 ratings?

Are the other airlines filling? If they are filling, are they filling by interlining with other airlines and the demand is actually to a transfer airport?