Growing slower than others

Starting back in December I have 93.5% load average, using bae-146-300 and 737-400bgw and pricing increased 15-20%. However I see other airlines have double or triple more planes than me at this stage.

Is this because I’m not using russian airplanes or what am I doing wrong? My planes are literally full and I lease more aircraft as soon as I can afford.

well, it is not about having a full plane. it is about making the most money out of those planes - and having good planes to start with.

there is a trillion threads about growth, why others grow more quickly, etc on the msg board.
if you want anybody to take a look at your airlines and point out possible explanations of why your competitors get bigger quickier (or is it quicklier, quickierly… ?) please state the name of your airline and server. Do NOT name any other airlines you are wondering about.

I might know which airline you are talking about :slight_smile:
Choice of planes certainly make a difference, but in my opinion, you have been too nice to the passengers. You’re a monopoly in your country. Use that to your advantage! If there’s no one operating better connections than you, people will book onto your flights if you have positive ORS.
Another thing is the choice of hub. Some people choose high demand airports, some people choose geographical locations, some people choose airports they have personal connections with. But only the first 2 reasons would bring you profit. Not saying your hub is a bad choice, just that it wouldn’t be a first choice if your goal is to expand rapidly.

Thanks for the advice!! My thinking was that in order to get max connections I should keep ORS high (lower prices) is that flawed? High price low ORS flights are better since my planes are filling up?

It’s not flawed, it is absolutely correct, but only under the assumption that you have a competitor. For example for KBP-ODS your flight might be the only connection available in the whole game world. In that case, you should maximise price (while maintaining positive ORS) because it will not affect your seat load. But for routes like AMS-DME, if you want to get a share of connection traffic through AMS-KBP-DME, you will have to keep prices reasonable to compete with not only the direct flight, but also connections (via VIE, PRG, etc)
You should also check your flight pages to see how much of your passengers are from connections, that really help you make good judgements as to which routes to expand, how to price and how to schedule.
Also, my personal view is that if a short haul domestic route doesn’t fill without connections, it’s not worth flying. Connections are extremely important for long haul, but your focus is solely on short haul, so perhaps it is less important for you. Also in my opinion it’s nicer to make connections through good scheduling than competitive pricing.

Just the helpful info I was looking for, thanks again.