Has BREXIT been effected on A/S?

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I apologize if this topic has been treated before. I was just wondering how Brexit affects A/S?? Has the impact of Brexit been implemented on A/S? Does UK still belong to the European single market under Brexit terms?? Thank you for your response.


Hey, thanks for your question! As far as I can tell, the UK should still be part of the EU Treaty in AirlineSim. You can check by going to the country’s page and looking at the “political information” section on the right :slight_smile:

Edit: The UK are no longer part of the EU Treaty in our game world Junkers III - more details on our blog!

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Thank you for the response.

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Under the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between EU and UK, starting 1/1/2021, UK is no longer part of the single European aviation market. No 7th or 9th freedom between EU and UK. British carrier cannot fly domestic flights within EU member states, nor can EU carriers within UK. As a result, Easyjet moved assets and EU operations to Easyjet Europe (an Austrian carrier).

Thanks for the info. But 5th Freedom is still granted under this new agreement? If so, we can’t easily reproduce this in AS and the UK would simply drop out of the agreement altogether in future game worlds.

As far as I can tell the 5th, 7th, 8th and 9th freedom are no longer granted to UK based airlines.

Fifth freedom is never part of the single European aviation market, but rather granted by the member states involved individually. In fact, 7th freedom covers 5th freedom. UK has effectively lost 5/7/8/9-th freedom. As the transition period is over, British carriers can no longer get full EU traffic rights through setting up a company within EU if haven’t done so.

Just interested:
Is it possible (from a technical standpoint) to add or remove countries from open skies agreements on existing servers?

Yes, technically that should be possible :+1:

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