Help Baltic Connection

Hello. I'm looking for people who could help save my company from bankruptcy by buying the stocks I own. 

I'm selling 1005 stocks of YCXS and 2200 stocks of BANG, both are growing strong. Total worth is around 600k

Selling them is my only hope to avoid bankruptcy. 

EDIT:  It seems that I have underestimated my financial situation and now there's no escape from bankruptcy. Time for reset and hope that knowledge I gained from these two weeks will help my second try :) 

I would help, but your shares are buried in YCXS. You need to cancel your order and put in the lowest price for them (about $190). I did put an order in for the other stock, but unless you have a plan to keep yourself afloat, going bankrupt is a real possibility.

Couple of thoughts... with such a small hub, you need it to be a transfer point going east-west. You have the west covered, you might want to focus on flights going east that line up time-wise with your flights coming into your hub.

Second, purchasing an aircraft might seem like the more economical thing to do, and it would be, but you have to spend so much to buy it that it hurts your airline's ability to grow. Don't sell it now, though. You won't get near as much back as you spent on it, so you might as well fly it as much as you can.