Help with understanding Connections

Hi, I’m new to airlinesim and I’m trying to understand how connection flights work. My airline’s hub is in Lima. I have set up three main departure times: 09:00 transfer time is 1hr meaning earliest arrival to connect would be 07:59 is this correct?

My other departure times are 17:00 and 00:00 meaning earliest arrival times to connect 15:59 and 22:59.

Most of my flights depart at connecting times and arrive before the earliest time to arrive.

Should my flights be able to connect?

As far as I am concerned you are absolutely right. 60 minutes transfer means that passengers arriving 61 minutes before a particular departure are able to catch a flight at an airport like Lima. IIRC one exception is that passengers can transfer with less time as long as they remain onboard of the particular airplane.


An important note: just because you have connection times, doesn’t mean there will be passengers!! make sure you offer some routes that make sense…or else it would be a bit useless. Best wishes!! ;)

Thanks for the help, I currently have a few domestic routes connecting to some flights into Ecuador and Bolivia and I will add some more soon to Argentina and Chile :)