Help with understanding statistics in Branch Office page


Can someone explain to me what the statistics mean on the right hand side of the Branch Office page mean? The first one says "Transfer Statistics (Departing)" and it shows a % of Internal, External and Direct. I can assume that Direct passengers are flying directly from A - B. But how about Internal and External transfers? Are they flying from Airport A (my hub) to B, then transferring to Airport C? And for "Transfer Statistics (Arriving)", are the passengers flying from Airport C to B, then connects my flight from B to A?

The purpose of asking this, is I’m trying to figure out whether my Interline are worth the money because I have 25% Internal Transfers, 5% External Transfers, and 70% Direct in some of the airports. The External transfers seems really low.


The statistics form depatures tells you, where you passengers come from. direct passengers start their journey at this airport - internal passengers have already been on a flight of your airline - and external passengers have already been on a flight of one of your IL partners.

With arrivals, it’s teh other way round: direct: jouney ends here - internal: journey continues on one of your own flights - external: continues on a flight of your IL partners


Thanks for the reply. That actually makes a lot more sense than what I was thinking.