Many of my flights are running at a loss even when they are full. I don’t want to put my ticket price up as this will reduce numbers getting on my plane right?

Many of my planes go out half full so is there anything I can do to help with that?

My ticket prices are competitive with others and there flights go out full unlike many of mine, is there anything I can do?

Thanks in advance.


please tell us which airline you speaking about. Which routes do you fly, which aircraft do you use, quality of your seats.

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[size=2]My airline- [/size][size=2]I fly a standard layout in all the planes except the ones I use for cargo. [/size]

[size=2]When I say standard I mean the option you get when you first buy/lease a plane with no [/size]alterations[size=2].[/size]

It might be the cargo planes that are hurting you, I suggest get rid of them.

I think airlinenistas suggestion is right. An An-26 isn’t a good cargo aircraft, too old and thirsty.

[size=2]What would be an ideal plane to fill with cargo which is not to [/size]expensive[size=2] to buy and run?[/size]

Well you gotta ask yourself if you want to be cargo only or pax only, I wouldn’t suggest doing both. As for which cargo plane is good, well that out of my expertise, never managed to make a successful cargo airline.

For your airline would a ATR 42-500 or ATR 72-500 an option as a cargo plane.