This question isn’t too important, but I’m wondering what HGW and BGW mean. I’ve done a simple google search, and everyone uses these acronyms, but no one seems to know their actual meaning. Are they just random letters assigned to models? Thanks for any responses.

HGW stands for High Gross Weight and indicates that the Aircraft is certified to depart with a higher Weight then the normal Aircraft. I haven’t come across BGW so far but guessing I would say it could be Balanced Gross Weight. Airbus for Example is using Numbers like A320-214. These numbers indicate also Higher Allowed Take Off Weights or Higher Landing weights.


HGW= High Gross Weight. This plane will normally have a longer range than the BGW.

BGW= Basic Gross Weight .

BGW = basic gross weight every aircraft has a basic weight restirction and must comply with to fly safely however a HGW means no doubt the aircraft has higher payloads meaning more miles covered

Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this topic. Knowing the acronyms makes the game a small bit more enjoyable. Feel proud that you’ve improved one player’s experience today!