Higher profits ?


I don't have definite numbers, but I have the strong impression that the new seats are more profitable than the old ones. I mean that they have a slightly higher rating (for their size) which results in a higher ORS rating. And that allows to increase prices.

In that case, the new cabin editor was not only a shiny Christmas present, it is also a financially interesting present  ;-)

Do you guys see similar results ?


Hi Jan,

Agreed - it is financially interesting. It's taken some experimenting but the more I am using it, the more pleased I am with it.

I'm noticing that a 5 bar image rating per flight is now much easier - that helps too.


I also notice a general increase in profits but I am not able to verify the exact reasons. System-wide load factors also increased despite my risky approach to expand and to offer more capacities in key markets.

It is also interesting to note that my feeder Sparrow Commuter and Sparrow Regional also experience a considerable increase of profits. One reason could be that some Indonesian airports were updated with higher traffic data to reflect the huge rise in traffic in this region in real world.

Despite my risky ventures, I am a little bit cautious and I entered “new markets” with acceptable risk.  Domestic and regional expansion is my priority and it is also a fact that I don´t suffer from the problems with the A330s etc. and their new seating because I don´t have widebodies and my long haul network is rather small.

Hi Guys,

I’ve noticed a significant rise in profits which I’ve put down to 3 things (but I appreciate they are not applicable in all game worlds)

  • higher agex

  • larger airlines shutting down to concentrate on other projects (namely aspern)

  • first and business class price factors increase (business default is 3x Eco, rather than previous 2x)

  • new seats. I’ve managed a higher if not same capacity with better ratings on all fleets

Maybe I’ve just been lucky though…