Historia - New Game Server

Historia we will be taking a trip down memory lane starting
in 1970 and working our way up to modern times. Want to open an airline
with a fleet of DC-9s well we got good news for you! Each plane will be
available in the real year it was introduced into service. Also take
note that the planes will end production in the real year as well. The
server timeline will be 67 weeks long as you can see below. We will also
be basing our demand on the time period and historical events. So, if
you want a challenging server that requires flexibility look no further! We will also be adding in some addition features like world wide traffic rights for passenger airlines! So no more subs for those fifth freedom flightsđź‘Ś

Since we are adding new features to this world not available on
airlinesim such as worldwide traffic rights we are requiring ALL players
to pay the first 3 months of gameplay up front. This will be a total of
65 euros. After the first three months the payment will depend on the
number of players in the server.

We are looking to launch the game server anywhere from March 1st to the 8th. Below will be a link for our discord if interested. You will find the set of rules and the timeline for the server in the discord chat. Any questions feel free to message us Here

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Rules in Details here :slight_smile:
Subject to change of course!



Since it seems you’re planning with data time progression changing over time: Note that this isn’t a trivial thing to do. Probably doable, but haven’t done it before.

Oh that’s just a calendar so players know when to expect us to add planes and plan for demand drops and increases. Nothing really fancy :rofl:

Do you have a link to the discord?? the one above seems broken

Yeah, it’s broken. @Jay95 could you provide a correct link :wink:

Sorry about that @PeterGL2

We have 17 players… 8 spots still free. Come check out the discord. Feel free to ask any questions you have. We will launch when we have 21 or 22 players! :slight_smile:

Still looking for new players join our discord if you have any questions.

Can I check your Discord? Thanks.


We will be launching this week or next week. Still looking for a few more players if anyone is interested we will start taking 3 monthly Payments of €21.50 instead of the large €65 sum all at once if needed.

Hi how many player u are now?

We are currently at 16