HISTORIA - Retro>Modern Gameworld with unique mechanics & features

Welcome to Historia !


This new server has a specific idea in mind: we want to start with the most retro aircraft possible and make our way towards current times. You will be able to operate the B707 or DC8 all the way to the A350ULR and A220 !

How about running a Tristar airline in the 80s ?

The concept is simple: we start in 1970. At a certain variable pace, the world evolves from 1970 to 2023+. There are milestone which coincide with specific interesting years for aviation, either event-related or plane technology.

You start with B707, DC9s, Old (but extremely cheap) turboprops from post WWII, Ilyoushin quadroprops, B727/737 first generations. Soon, the 1975 approach and the first alternative jet planes are manufactured. The soviet gets come. The 1980s show a big diversity of planes. Better turboprop come, with better image and fuel consumption, and Airbus appears and shakes the market, while soviet design improve as well. Older planes will disappear from the catalogue, but you will be able to keep them. If that is a good idea is up to you: should you renew your fleet, or should you invest in more efficient and attractive planes?

Another important aspect is real-events of the aviation economy will unfold. There will be variable load factors during downturns. Oil crisis ? Gulf war ? 9/11 ? Yes, you might need to be prepared and keep a bit of cash, like real airlines do!


Also, if you want to opt-in for it (understand: this is not mandatory) we will have players participate in silly parallel mechanics where the oldest fleets will have an increased chance of having a simulated crash happen and an associated cost to it. They will need to publicly apologize in the name of their airline for bad management. There might be hacking, there might be near misses… Who knows :slight_smile: Again this is optional, if you prefer chilling without thinking about saving extra money for crashes, you do not need to sign up for this.


Finally we would like to mention we do plan on introducing two new features on request to simulogics:

1. Noise ban will be lifted. Otherwise, the oldest planes cannot fly in noise restricted airports (the European ones mostly.
2. The 5th rule will be worldwide. Meaning: technically speaking, any airline will be able to operate anywhere in the world, like they used to do in the 1970/80s. We will control and avoid world spread of big players, the idea being more the ability to more or less recreate the historical spread of airlines in the early years before planes were able to fly 15h.

PanAm’s network will be possible, albeit with a few rules to avoid world domination.

If you are interested, below are the specific rules, and before that here is the discord link:

Welcome to Historia!

(might change: updated rules in the discord server)

Note: 65e include payment for the extra features requested to simulogics (they do not code for free) and to cover for occasioanl drop outs after the first 3 months. Once paid for, the payment will go down to a price similar to usual servers, stabilizing to normal price divided by the number of participants. It’s of course an ‘NGO’ so all money will go towards the server.

Reserved for Rules - Q&A etc purposes

Did we mention you will have your own little magazine ? Here is page 1 of the Historia Gazette

Okay so we’re filling up the participant list, currently, we have 19 confirmed players. 6 spots left, looking at an early march launch :slight_smile:

We have officially ordered the server. it might need a bit longer than usual due to custom rules we are paying for in order for the server to be able to exist.

You still have time to join if you want to play in 1970 !

Join here : Historia Server


About 7 slots available. The server is being populated and the unique rules are apparently ON :slight_smile:

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Will the Vc10 be available on this game world?

We are using - all - planes available, but there aren’t any new ones because those are unrelated to private worlds.

So no we do not have Vc10

I am very interested in this historical game world, but I am sorry to be told that it is not suitable for this game world

You have to pay for it. Credits are not the way to pay a private server.

It is now 1971 !

Notable additions to the catalogue:

  • yak 40 short haul soviet jet, suited for short term fast flights to regional airports only
  • MD DC10: massive capacity of 380 seats, good for mid haul high capacity flights