Holdings & Subsidiaries

Hi, How does the Holding receive funds back from the Subsidiaries? is there a button to press somewhere for the fund transfer?


It is not possible to transfer money directly.

If your airline is not listed, you can buy a plane (not on credit) and transfer this plane between your sub and your Holding via asset management tool.

Yes, that's the only way to transfer money. It's really a little frustrating, to be honest.

Has there been any development towards solving that problem? It seems so obvious that this should and can be fixed. I'm not a game developer, but it just seems like, compared to other features of the game that are being improved, this is way less complex and thus easier to fix...

Ok, so that means the Sub buy the plane and then transfer it to the Holding Company? So if that is the case, it means that Holding Company cannot have another Sub then as they ask for a min of 3 M to create a new sub? That is kinda flawed as that defeat the purpose of having a holding company, hmm

And also in regards to Plane purchase, i am a little confused in regards to Immediate Purchase and Place Bid.

There is a next Bid row and Immediate Purchase Row. Each has a column for Downpayment, Installment, Leasing Deposit & Leasing Rate.

I assume the Downpayment is if you are purchasing the plane and the instalment is the amount paid per week to clear off the loan? So in the orange Place Bid button, there are 3 options, Cash, Credit & Leasing. Cash i assume means buying the plant outright for the amount in the Next Bid Row, Is Credit the Installment option and Leasing being the Leasing Rate option?

Yes, if you place a bid with Cash, then you buy the aircraft. It will still take an hour where other players can outbid you.

Credit is buying it using a credit, and leasing is, well, leasing the aircraft.

When you fully own an aircraft, and if your company is not public (listed on the stock exchange), then you can transfer the aircraft to any other company you own and which is not public. You can either sell it, or you can transfer it for free. Assume, you buy an aircraft in your airline (sub). You transfer it for free to the holding. Then you sell it from the holding back to the sub, and you will have Cash in your holding. Repeat that as often as required.

It means though, that you do need at least twice the amount of cash you want to transfer, cos you end up with an asset (the aircraft) which you might not be able to sell back to the market. Though whoever owns the aircraft, can then take out a partial loan on it, which sort of makes up for it a bit.

Thanks for the clarification Matth,

So in order to transfer the aircraft from the Sub to the Holding, do i need to own the aircraft outright? can it be on Credit ( which i assume is like a bank loan where you do loan repayment until the aircraft is fully paid off and owned 100% ) ? I am thinking if it's on credit loan, then technically the Holding cannot sell the aircraft to the Subsidiary as it will be paid back to the Bank first and only the balance goes to the holding?

Is it worth buying an aircraft vs leasing it ? 

You must own the aircraft fully.

If you have enough money buying an aircraft might make sense. If you want to grow fast, leasing is the better option. You stay flexible with leasing, while you might not be able to sell an aircraft anymore later on (or only with a huge loss).

No, you cannot use the aircraft for money transfer if the aircraft is not fully paid for. You can use the aircraft is you have an unsecured loan, though (backed by the property - terminals, seats and aircraft).

If you do not have billions of AS$ and don't know what to do with them, no it's generally not better to buy the aircraft vs leasing it. It takes 200 weeks for a lease vs buy break-even point (that is, buying it outright with no loan). Plus, there is the opportunity cost of capital invested in purchased aircraft.