Horrible passenger demand on Yeager

Hello all,

Does anyone have any idea what is going on with passenger demand? I play on Yeager and I do not know if the situation is the same in other Worlds on A/S. It is bad enough that oil prices are so high, however when you have to contend with very low passenger demands, it might be just better to park your planes! I run a monopoly on major African routes (routes that have always traditionally done well on A/S) and yet, I cannot fill 95 seats on a once a day basis?? Can’t fill a third of 162 seats out of JNB even as the only player in the market?? Just about the only thing A/S imagines Africa can fill is a LET-410! I cannot for the life of me see any point continuing such a deflating game. We can deal with all sorts of problems, however why starve a region or the World of passengers? What for??

Falling AGEX. As every year. Combined with high fuel prices - not really nice but a challenge.

We got the same on Idlewild. Low AGEX and high fuel prices.

Playing in Africa, it is more than a challenge. It is impossible to make any money flying internationally. I am perplexed at how low the demand is. Fly 1600km with 22 passengers?? What the hell?? It makes no sense!

Falling Agex… that is the secret.

Good to know it affects short-haul worlds too… it’s completely tearing through Limatambo.

On every world Agex is low and fuel prices high.

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