How are companies so huge?

There are a few companies that are hands above others. Potentially already $100million companies. how is this possible?


An example is ‘Air Broad Cross’ they have 71 planes!! How could they expand so quickly

Air Broad Cross is worth 81 mil, according to their stock report. Player choose very good start model. I assume at certain point their flight margin was well over 60% for most of the flights in the first few weeks.

you dont believe that yourself, do you?

according to his stats, this dude had in week 18 ( 2 weeks after the start of meigs ) already 700 weekly flights, 85.000.000 SKO and he offered 71.000 seats (!)

if we only go for the weekly flights, that means (if we say you do max 8 flights / Day / Aircraft) he had 12 planes after 2 weeks.

–> 8 times 7 = 56 flights per week per aircraft

–> 700 flights per week / 56

–> = 12.5 plains

lets see now the offered seats: 71k!

71000 / 700 = 100 seats per flight

to merge your 60% you have to have better seats than the standart ones so you lose a couple of them. that shows that this guy had in the first 2 weeks of meigs 12 machines with at least 100 "GOOD" seats. wich aircraft can offer at least 100 seats? NO Dash, NO EMB, NO Superjet.

you guys do the math. in my oppinion, some of those top airlines definately are that good because some systems in the server dont work!

in case im wrong, proof me different!


Just in my opinion I think something ‘fishy’ is going on here like they discovered a bug and didn’t report it. But this is just my opinion I could be wrong.

i wrote an email to simulogic with exactly the same content as you can see in the post of mine above.

Take a look at the fleet data and at the seating on the first few planes:

ATR 72-500reg. type name delivery config. remarks N009ABC

		0412 			C37Y37 			 			 			 			 				 				 					 					 				lsf [url=""]Aircraft Trade and Leasing Organization[/url]

That means they’re filling up ATRs with standard seats and selling half of them at business class rates. No matter whether the ORS ratings are absolutely dismal- as long as you’re starting up on a completely empty server with no competition it’s like taking candy off a baby, the seats just fill up. They then did the same thing with 737-700s and 900s.

At some point they did a successful IPO (the first on Meigs, I believe) with the assistance of their Alliance partners and bought up a pile of 737-200s and equipped them all with standard seats as well. Their 380s appear to be the only planes that are not maxed out with standard seats. You have to admit it’s impressive.

So - it all seems to be perfectly legal. Realistic? Well, Ryanair packs them in as well, but they fly single class.

I think that one can get success this way is the biggest bug of AS.

It’s not a bug - there is not enough offer for the passenger so they are using even these flights. This will be regulated by the market in a few month on its own, as these cabin configuration will result to bad reputation of these companies.

So basically in two months Air Broad Cross will [size="3"]almost[/size][size="2"] meet its demise, change its aircraft config and be the best in the sky again.[/size]

No offense to Air Broad Cross was meant.

But therefor he should save some money - and he isn’t doing this right now so the point where everything tuns from good to bad will be very rapidly and he will get in real troubles.

another question is: how can a company own already, at this time, 3x 757-200PF/SF and 15(!!)x 747-8F?

he must have started with one of the 757, but they cost over 10mllion dollars, which is more than we have at the beginning. so no chance there to get one of these. leasing kaution of the 747-8F is 11million dollars. no chance here either. so i dont know how this can happen. any answers for me?

The question is:

How fast will his image recover from let´s say 2-4 red stripes right now to let´s say one green stripe later on. Will it recover in just a few days or will this take even several weeks/month in which he has trouble to fill up his flights because the competitors have better images like him?

If the recovery of his image will be done in just a few days with just new seating and better prices he has the best strategy. If the recovery won´t be done in weeks he has the worst. As known from real economy image is everything and it sometimes takes years to recover from bad images…

First he has to spend some new seats to the tons of aircraft - which is expensive as stated before. The image won’t recover that fast - you can read about that a lot of complains in the forums that it needs so long to get the image recovered ;)

One of the reasons I’ve chosen for good seating and 1-2 green bar rating on the ORS due to price. Is very easy to recover to 4-5 bar from here. It’s two different models. I see lots of people starting with A300’s and DC9’s with awful seats when starting out and you think “sh**” this could become hard to compete. But after the first 1-2 months, you have priority having the better ratings. It’s slower growth, sure, but I’ve found it works a treat for me. Starting at decent seats with 170% and 1 green bar then dropping down to 150% then 130% as time moves on.

Thats what I wanted to hear

I have no problem with slower growth because I not want to play just for a few month or for being the greatest from the beginning (later on maybe…).

I started with moderate prices compared to competitors but with good seating, very good service and modern aircrafts, let´s see how it works out in a few months.

As you stated the bill comes in a few month when there is much more competition as today and the image really does matter…

I beg to disagree- the bug is that the system has C class passengers that insist on flying C class when they can get the same seating and service at half the price in Y class.

Oh wait, that’s like the real world back in the 90s.

I think my strategy is a good one. Since all of my routes are short-haul I only have Dash-8s and config them with Y=Economy C=EcoPlus and for that bit of image I set my prices a bit lower than default prices. My customers are very happy with +2 in Eco and +3 in business. It is true that I serve food on all my flights. I may expand slowly because my profits aren’t to high but my account increases every day.