how are you running your cargo fligts?

i’m curious how you guys are running your cargo flights. How important is the price indecator in your ORS menu? Also do you tend to run it in more of a hub/spoke system or direct flights? Im tryiing to start a cargo airline, just having fun, and have found an area i considered to be underserved. Right now im running a fleet of ATRs and setting them up to do nothing but back and forth flights to a specific airport. Has this worked for you guys in the past? what are your views of using cargo terminals?

Running a cargo airline (successfully) is quite difficult…

Go for a hub/spoke system with good transfer possibilities, you will most probably have no success with direct flights only.

Never try to operate oldtimer-equipment that might be cheap in terms of leasing/buying but that is incredibly expensive in daily operation.

I operate a fleet of ATR72F, A330F, B737-700F and B763F. With a well coordinated hub system i am running quite successful. But you can probably never expect margins like in pax operations.

Cargo terminals make sense later on if your hub gets larger and your airline has expanded. Standard AirlineSIM Cargo handling costs 25 AS$. You can save quite a lot if you operate your own terminals but you should save that for later investments and get a certain fleet size first…

I have the biggist Cargofleet on Kaitak Bagdad Airlines, and my Fleet is a Mix from MD-11F A330F and A300F.

The A300 is for only Connecting Flights and my MD- 11F for High Distance Flight.

But i find the A330F is the Best Cargo Flight …not to many Tonnage or cost for Leasing.

Sorry for my Bad English

I operate new ATR’s and Tupolev cargo variants, to airports that have a minimum 4 bars of demand. (And even then some still dont work)

I dont charge the earth, so my margins are probably lower then others, but load factor is high and cargoMAX is slowly creeping up the tables as a result.

Slowly starting to add a cargo terminal to increase my credit options, but its a slow process.

My advice, is pick a hub, and send everything to it, allowing all your cargo to connect onwards from mentioned hub. Other players may disagree, as the cargo market pretty much allows you to operate anywhere to anywhere.

How long does cargo allow for between transfers?

Fairly sure I read its the same for pax…8 hours