How can I make profit? EBT is negative

So I recently had my first flight from Jakarta to Surabaya which was booked 100%. And in the picture down below you can see although I go 17.8k in Revenue my EBT is on -1.1k because of 13k miscellaneous expenses. What are these expenses and why am I losing money or am I losing money at all? I’m a bloody rookie and an explanation would be great

The flight itself got me a profit of 6,4k at a margin of 36%. But why is the EBT negative does it matter?
My ticket costs are at 100% and how I said my flight was booked out.

Or could this be because of 2 flights I’ve canceled before? Like a Penalty I had to pay.
Any help appreciated

When there were bookings on them, yes.

yes the first one had 1 and the other one 60 or so thx