How do I sell stock

Can someone give me a run down of how to sell stock in my company? I wanted to explore that option but I can’t seem to get anything to work it keep saying “Invalid price”

I’m having the same issue… did you ever work this out?

Price has to be within 10% of current price

In general since there is a lack of buyers the best way to sell stock is make a subsidiary from the holding company and then buy the shares from the subsidiary and then liquidate it to get back the money. If you make a subsidiary from the company whose stock you are trying to sell it won’t work, the subsidiary has to be from the holding company.

I’ve arrived back here on this thread trying to figure out how AS applies this rule. Right now I am trying to make a buy offer for shares rated at

Current 115.20 AS$ Quote date 10.06. 18:14 Change % +0.14%

The current offers are:

amount Minimum price

28,198 115.00 AS$

20,000 134.21 AS$

If I make an offer of less than 123.3

I get:

Buy order couldn’t be placed!

  • Invalid price.

But, if I offer 123.3 or more, it goes through. That means I have to offer 7% more than the current price.

Conversely I can offer up to 151.0, but not more. That’s 31% more than the current price.

:wacko: Can someone explain the logic?

this sounds like a not so legal workaround…

Just the mere inability to sell shares seems like a bug to me. Just my thought though.........