How effective is a ground network?

How effective is a ground network?
Does it pay?
Are there upfront costs?
Does it matter that the total time rating goes negative (in ORS)?

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I have a question in return, though: what do you mean by time rating and how can it go red?

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To your question: I was comparing flights in ORS for a Saab from Atlanta to Melbourne (FL) and noticed one of the other carriers uses flights that link with a ground network. It was something like fly from ATL to MCO (Orlando), then get on a bus or train. The two sections on their own rated in the green, but the overall total time was rating in the red. Probably because a direct flight (ATL-MLB) would take half the time or less.
e.g. this comparison

It takes much too long for AS people. Remember: AIRLINE Sim, not train Sim.

Ground network does not cost you a penny upfront. And yes, it can be very effective.

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I’ll have to see if I can make some useful ground connections.

You don’t have to do anything. If ground network in your game world is activated, the system will do it for you.

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I don’t have to open stations?

If I go to Melbourne (MLB), then select ground network, I see this:

If I click on the Ground network button for say, Daytona Beach, I get this:
Are you saying I don’t need to “Open Station” to activate the network between MLB and DAB?

Yes, open the station but that’s all you need to do.

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Using the ground network is something passengers will decide for themselves - either at the beginning or end of their journey, if it allows them to find better flights. You don’t need to open any additional stations.

and to answer one more question: connections (even if it is a direct flight) with an overall rating that is negative (red) will not be booked at all.

Thanks Spezialists and yukawa.

Yes, the ground network can be very effective, particularly in recent game worlds. I have noticed thanks to new ORS and relative demand, ground network easily outperforms ultra-short flight connection. Old glorious days have truly passed, and now everyone needs to adapt to it.