How is Pax demand calculated?

I’m just curious how the pax demand is calculated. I found a route where there were zero flights between an airport maxed out in green bars and an airport with all but one bar. I have the best economy and business seats with full service yet I can’t feel the plane. How’s that possible? I have interlines where there’s 1-2k flights a week feeding my plane. No luck though.


passenger demand is based on real life traffic. If there are hardly any passengers in real life, there won’t be much passengers in the game either. Certainly not for every possible destination. And by the way - SK is doing a great job - all data of all airports are currently being checked and updated.


Have you looked at the price you are offering? and the service you are offering? and if there are any better ratings for a connecting flight from your hub to that destination?

It may help to suspend the route for a few weeks, and when your network grows - try it again.


I have same issue too. I am Jade Wings International, based at SHE, PRC (Fornebu server). None of my flights are profitable, even if they are based on real life and except for one route (SZX) are without competition.

(EDIT: most flights are not filling even 20%, except 2 odd routes).

I am flying 737-900ER BGW and E190. Regarding cabin service, for all my flight rating is 5 green bars. Seats are Economy and Business Basic. Should I upgrade seats? I’ve started flights with prices 20-30% over default. Then changed it to 10% over default - no luck. Today I’ve dropped pricing -10% under default and will see if this will help.

ORS rates my flights with 5 green bars for future connections.

I am surprised as this time I have completely no clue what is happening. 1 year ago, when I was playing, I could be successful :(

Can you help, please?


check the price performance ratio on the flight rating page. If you have 5 green bars for price performance ratio, you offer good quality for money.

If you have few passengers on a route, and there is no competition, it means few passengers want to fly that direct route. Adding more routes - routes that connect so passengers can make a transfer at your hub - will increase the number of passengers on your flights.

It has been said before on this forum… if you start an ailine, find a few routes with high demand, then gradually add routes. If a route is not profitable, drop it. In a few weeks, when you offer more connecting flights, try that route again.


Thank you, will do as you suggest …

[size="3"][font="Calibri"]Hi everybody,[/font][/size]

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[size="3"][font="Calibri"]Sobelair say that the traffic demands is based on the real life. I really have my doubts about that !![/font][/size]

[size="3"][font="Calibri"]My airline (Indonesia Nusantara ) is base in Jakarta, Indonesia (240 million in habitants). I cannot understand how is possible that all my international flight have only few passengers.[/font][/size]


[size="3"][font="Calibri"]Daily flight [/font][/size]

[size="3"][font="Calibri"]Jakarta - Manilla : - 30 pax [/font][/size]

[size="3"][font="Calibri"]Jakarta – Hong Kong : -30 pax[/font][/size]

[size="3"][font="Calibri"]Jakarta – Tokyo Narita : - 50 pax[/font][/size]

[size="3"][font="Calibri"]Singapore – Amsterdam : - 40 pax[/font][/size]

[font="Calibri"][size="3"] [/size][/font]

[size="3"][font="Calibri"]Knowing by experience there is at least 10 flights per day (large aircraft) for those destinations and for Singapore – Amsterdam minimum one flight per day (80% full)[/font][/size]

[font="Calibri"][size="3"] [/size][/font]

[size="3"][font="Calibri"]For the flight rating, I got for all this flight a minimum of[/font][/size]

[size="3"][font="Calibri"]Product overall : 8[/font][/size]

[size="3"][font="Calibri"]Price performance ratio : 7[/font][/size]

[size="3"][font="Calibri"]Image overall : 9[/font][/size]

[font="Calibri"][size="3"] [/size][/font]

[size="3"][font="Calibri"]Thank’s to anybody who can give an explanation?[/font][/size]

And you are the only one flying there or offering a connection (even with stops somewhere else) between these cities?

I am in Jakarta aswell. HKG is a very poor performing route. Also, i think there needs to be more traffic to jeddah and the middle east.


Yes form Jakarta to Manila, Jakarta - Tokyo Narita and Singapore – Amsterdam, all direct flights and I’m the only one who is flying to these cities. And for other international destination have most of the time one or two competitors.

All my international flight has this problem. I do not have the same problem with domestic flights.

An other example, connexion to Australian cites (Sydney, Perth, and Darwin). There is only 30-50 pax. In normal life, there is hundred thousand of Australian who comes to Indonesia each year. Those flight should be full.

I have the chance to go often to Indonesia. And I can see how the airports in Indonesia are full of pax. That’s why I have my doubt about the real life traffic.

Thank’s for your help