How long does it normally take to get Passengers

The title says it how long does it take to get passengers (On Average)

Hi there :slight_smile: I think it depends, did you activate your flight plan right away or did you pick a three day delay in the drop down menu?

where is the drop down menu?? :question:

I’ll kind of try and reply to your (many) posts at once.

  1. If you want specific help with route planning and expansions we would like the airlines name and the server you are playing on so we can analyze the routes you do have to where it makes sense to do so.
    I assume you’re in Australia so there’s a plentiful domestic market if there is not too much competition, which will be better, short haul will be better to start out with.

  2. It’s ok to reset, don’t feel the need to have to meet the deadlines every time especially as a newer player.

  3. Have a look here, AS for beginners - an attempted blog. I know it’s long but this game has a really steep learning curve so at least slowly you’ll need to grasp almost all in the guide.

  4. Routes book once a day at the airport of origin of the passenger. Most of your routes will have some passengers which will start at the airport in which your plane starts (which are calculated once a day based on the time of this airport) and some that might connect from other places (which will calculate at the time designated from their first airport.)
    The times are different for every single airport in the game and across the servers. Just head to the airport info page for an airport to see the booking time which should be displayed there. For any airport it books once a day at that given time.
    That will only cover passengers who start their journey there, as I said… The “activate immediately” means that it will start flying as soon as feasible (usually 36-48hours) so you only have 1-2 of these windows to fill the plane. “Activate 3 day delay” means it will delay this to start flying 72h after, ensuring you have 2-3 windows of booking.
    I don’t know which one you did but I could be able to tell with your airline info. That choice changes the picture a bit as I outlined above.

  5. You might have lost departures either by aircraft or run into issues with slots or an invalid flight plan…Again we can diagnose partially with the info

You can join the Discord if you prefer and it will be easier to assist further there.


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