How long does it take?

How long does it take before you start making money on a route because I started my airline yesterday and I am making -29000 dollars while other players planes are fully booked. What should I do should I wait or stop flying the route? also how big of an impact on load factors does aircraft age have?

Make sure you have a proper onboard service, proper price setting, interlining agreements with other airliners (important). If you have a route which is very popular and you end up high in the ORS, your flights can be full in one day. But it can take a couple of days before your flights are full.

ok thanks

Use the Execute schedual(3 days delayed). I always use it when i start a new airline…you would be surprised how much it helps! :P

Im having a similar issue, particularly on a long haul Zurich-Singapore A330 route, no passangers boarding and im the only opperatior on the route. Just improved all my In Flight Options so I hope that helps.

You have to feed your long-haul flights and sign some IL agreements. However, starting with long-haul isnt a good idea.


every flight is put into the system three days ahead of its departure. Every airport checks its demand once per day. That means every flight can get direct bookings three days in a row. If you activate a schedule without delay, your flights pass through the booking system once. That’s why Abdul suggested to activate flight schedules with a three day delay.

Other (competitors) planes may be fully booked because they get bookings three consecutive days, or because their flights carry more transfer passengers.

Aircraft age has no direct impact on your load factors. Too many old planes will drag down the image of your airline. And the overall image of your airline - as it is shown on the overview page of your airline - has an impact on the ORS (online reservation system) ratings of your flights. And the ORS rating of a flight decides whether or not passengers like that flight. Too many old planes may mean you have to lower your prices in order to improve your ratings.