How to change Legal Home Country

Hi All,

I was having an company in Turkey.

I sold my company in Turkey and now I wish to open a new one in Europe. (Holding is from Turkey)

I found a new enterprise (lets call it as X ) in Europe. (Holding is still from Turkey )

I open new enterprise which is sub of X but nothing changed in Legal Home… It is still Turkey !!

How can I change Legal Home Country to operate eu flights ??

reset your account - no other easy way

Hi Zapatistan,

there is a difference, an important difference if your holding has already made some money…

If you liquidate your holding, all assets are sold, the leased planes are returned, loans are repaid, and so on. If your holding is worth 20 or 200 million dollar, you get those 20 or 200 million back (minus seats from your planes, paying out your staff and so on). So you can start again with much more than the 10 million you originally started with. However, your holding will still be based in Turkeye and have the same legal rights.

If you reset your holding, you start from scratch… so you can choose another country as legal base. But you only get 10 million dollar, like every other new player.