How to create plans ?

Hello everbody,

My company is Polish Air. I create flights numbers, then scheduled the flights with my only airplane. But if I go on inventory or load monitoring I have no data.

What did I madewrong ?

Maybe you didn't activate your schedule? If the flights in the schedule of the airplane appear yellow, you need to click on "select flight plan operation" -> " activate flight plan" below the schedule.

Thanks it's now working.

But nobody booked in my flights. I have the same price of other companies.

First, flights are booked when demand calculation happens. That means once every 24 hours for up to 3 times (3 days) before departure. There may be some additional bookings form cities connected by ground transportation, and also from connecting passengers.

Second, price is not "the" factor in Airlinesim, but rather the "value for price". If you have small seats, old aircraft, abysmal service, then charging the same price as other ialrines may not get you many passengers. If you have premium seats, new planes and luxury service, you can charge even more than others.