How to find my best route?

  1. Hey everyone - could someone tell me how I could find out which is my best aircraft or route in terms of revenue and profit?

  2. And does anyone know when used a/c come available in Bleriot? Thanks.

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  1. when starting a new world make sure to go to settings and adjust them to your liking. Then select your preferred maintenance provider. This sets up your maintenance costs on your aircraft evaluation tool. Then go into aircraft evaluation and select your location you want to fly too, the planes you want to evacuate, and the settings for your plane. Remember that’s it’s an evaluation to help plan your routes it’s not 100% accurate.

  2. used planes are only available until they are all leased/purchased. Then planes become available when an airline leases them out or ends their lease contract. If the world says no used planes at start I think that means if someone ends their lease the plane goes onto the market and if it says no used aircraft’s then you have to purchase/lease from the new market there’s no used market but I think airlines can still lease out fully purchased aircraft’s. So basically if you want to use popular aircraft’s in the game you need to be playing from the start if not you get leftovers.

Thanks for your help here!

About 1) - Sorry, what I meant was is there a way to see financial results based on aircraft or route? I know you can check the route details, but I was looking for a way to combine data?

For example, I have an A350 on long haul routes. I want to decide whether to take another A350 or lease 2-3 x A320/A321. I don’t have a way to make a financial decision, really.

You can evaluate via the machine evaluation tool.

AirlineSim is a quirky little game…many of us have been playing for years and years, and some of the in-game tools are a little outdated.

That being said:

It’s best to start small. If you’re a new player, try leasing small but profitable aircraft (A220-100, CRJ 1000 EL, E195-E2) on domestic and regional routes. The magic of the game is figuring out which of these routes are most profitable. The US West Coast to Hawaii is always profitable (think SFO to OGG). Many domestic routes in Latin America are profitable…MEX to CUN, GRU to GIG and LIM to CUZ are always profitable.

Long haul flights are difficult to sustain unless you have a large connecting network, which at the very minimum starts at 1000 weekly departures from your hub airport. Start with a small aircraft first, like an A321LR. It’s better to completely fill a small aircraft than fly a big aircraft half full. That being said, there are plenty of international routes that are always well-traveled. SYD to SIN is a solid long haul route. HNL to HND is popular. CDG to YUL is surprisingly strong.

You can use the Aircraft Type Evaluation Tool under Fleet Management to examine profitability for aircraft types on routes, given ticket prices, types of seats, and more.

A lot of times, the decisions I make on aircraft leases and scheduling are based on years of experience (I’ve been playing for at least seven years now), and many more are based on mathematics. One AirlineSim user has developed a Google Chrome plug-in which unlocks more statistics for your airline.

There’s no shame in restarting your airline and trying again. AirlineSim is a game of patience, which is good since many servers restart after 9 months. Best of luck!

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