How to improve the condition of the aircraft?

[font="Verdana"][size="3"][color="#000080"]One of my aircraft is in a condition below 60%.

I want it in a condition greater than 60%. I left the aircraft unattended for two days yet there was no change in its condition.

What can I do to keep a good condition for all aircraft? I use maintenance service of African Maintenance Systems. Does the maintenance company directly affects the condition [/color][/size][/font][size="3"][color="#000080"][font="Verdana"]of t[/font]he aircraft?[/color][/size]

Hi multivias!

First: Yes your maintenance provider has a huge impact on your aircraft condition. I find African Maintenance to be horrible - too expensive. I tend to use Avia as they have good balance of services.

Old aircraft tend to get into bad shape quickly.

Also make sure that your aircraft is at your HUB - as that is where the maintenance is performed.

Keep in mind that you can switch maintenance providers only once every two weeks.

Good Luck!


your aircraft has received a complete overhaul by now… it just doesn’t show. Go ahead and let it fly; condition should be back at 100

I use African and I am happy with their services. A bit expensive but fast and efficient. My flight schedules allow for daily maintenance, rather than a longer period every two or three days. As a result, the condition never drops below 80 or so.

@ Fojd:

I believe it does not matter where your airplane is stationed. If it stays on the ground for more than two hours, it gets maintenance.


I agree with Jan on this one. Your aircraft have most likely been repaired and are ready to fly. Sometimes it doesnt show directly on the fleets page. It will change, just it some time. Thats what I have found anyway. In regards to the place, I base most of aircraft outside of my hub and they also get reapaired so place shouldnt be problem. I find the key to good regular maintenance, besides the provider, is scheduling. Watch that little percentage number in the top left hand corner when you are scheduling your aircraft. As long as the number is green then you shouldnt have any of your aircraft falling out of the sky or being grounded!

If you flying more cycles than long flights, I would suggest African maintance. It’s expensive but I think more effective than Avia.

It is more effective, but on the other hand, a bit more expensive.

And yes, as someone mentioned, it does not matter, where the plane is stationed, as long as it stays 2 hours +1 min (not sure if it was fixed in new versions, but I still have at least one minute more, than 2 hours, cause sometimes it would not repair if it was exactly 2 hours). In my case, my ACs never get repaired at my HUB

I prefer to see "inflight" than "cancelled"

What is the % difference in price between African and Avia if somebody has recorded that? I pay roughly 7% of my expenditure for maintenance with African and utilize to max but with reduced loads I can remove some flights with gaining cheaper maintenance. I am paying 1.1 mil AS per week now so how much owuld I have to pay with Avia?

With Avia I find figures of around 10-12%. You’d be paying a good amount more but AC are always at 100%.

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African is supposed to be more expensive than Avia so I don’t really understand your post…

[indent]I have changed my contractor from Avia to African and leased some more aircraft during the change. I will keep it tracked for a few week and share here so everyone may a better idea.