How to Increase Load Factiors

HI I have the CRJ 700 on all of my routes but they are not 100% full I make my prices lower than the comp and I also have a 2 to 3 bar service profile how can I get my load factors to 100%

Have you checked how you stand in ORS vs your competition? If you are well placed, then the only way to get more passengers is to get more connections. If you are not well placed in ORS then I would suggest using better seats. In my opinion the smallest seat that should be used in economy is leisure and in business recliner short haul. Anything worse and your ratings will generally be substantially worse than your competition. Also after your staff mood is 5 bars your image will improve substantially which in turn will improve ORS by several points.

Improve ORS, and make waves.

Hmmm is "improve ORS" really helpful ?

dsdomonick13 to be better placed in the reservation system, create connexions between your flights (see the minimum time of your airport for that) and upgrade your image in paying your staff better

Hmmm is "improve ORS" really helpful ?

It is, and it isn’t. Doing so will resolve the problems, but a new player doesn’t have the knowledge to know why they need to, or how to do it. Granted, if they had done a search of the forums beforehand, this thread (and many others like it) wouldn’t have been necessary.

To the original poster: Please read through Yukawa’s highly informative thread, located here. This is a player-created knowledge sharing initiative meant to supplement the old and outdated wiki which is no longer editable (by anybody including the AS staff). Know that all demand is calculated within the ORS system, which combines your information with the information of all other players on the server, generates the bookings of passengers and/or cargo, and distributes those bookings between different players.

The key is making the service you offer desirable to a fictional passenger. Whether a fictional passenger chooses your service over another is determined by the ORS.