How to increase PAX numbers

Hey guys im very new to airline sim, for some reason my flights from Male, Maldives (MLE) to Singapore Changi (SIN) dont get sufficient demand, i operate A320-200 Medium with capacity of 113 economy class passangers. i get around 15 max booking for a flight but it seems others can fully book pax numbers. so guys please help me with this issue.

First of all you need to allow some time for demand to build, check ticket prices, onboard services and overall product rating. Using the ORS is the best way to compare how your flights rate against others.

What server are you playing on?


have you canceled your flight schedule ?

i don’t wonder about that, you have one plane, no own connections flights, no interlining, so the pax didn’t get any connections

so you live only from the demand on the route MLE-SIN, that may be 15 pax

your competitiors on this route , who are fully booked have a widespread network, so the pick up all pax

who want for example to japan or australia oder somewhere else


Read the wiki, lease a few planes to fly domestic and you can feed your international flights, find IL partners, try to find routes with low competition, pray god if you believe and if you become a good child, you may see the smurfs one day…

Advice of the day

Hm… high density routes can be okay. It often means there is good demand on the route itself. I mean the route is not just one leg of a connecting route. If several airlines have a total of 20 or more flights per day on that route, there may be enough demand on that route for one extra flight. Even for a young airline with a small network.

But in such a case, check the ORS and make sure your flight has a 100/99 rating.