How to make more money?

Hello - I’ve started playing this game for about a month, but I’ve grasped how to get flights running after a few failed attempts. All my flights are fully booked all the time but I’m not making enough money to expand my airline. My hub is at Tokyo Haneda and I’m running 28 flights a week to Itami, Nagoya, Sapporo, and Fukuoka using two 737 MAX 8s. Any tips how to make more money to expand my airline?

If your flights are full you can always raise prices until you start dropping loads. Also 28 flights per week for 2 planes seems pretty low. You can probably utilise them more.

There are also the classic cost cutting measures. Utilising planes more, cutting on crew, food, terminals, planes costs (if possible), maintenance, etc. You need to bring up revenue while bringing down costs. Thereby improving your margin.

Thanks! I’ll try a few of these out and see about the improvements.

Check your utilization of time, allow for mx but use as much time to operate.

Try to generate as many connections as possible. North-south (esp, in Japan) and east-west connections are always useful. At the same time, try to keep the transfer time as short as possible. Your planes will then fill up almost by themselves. A hub at a small airport (transfer time 45 minutes) can often be better here than a mega airport.

What do you mean cut on crew for example, if you need 8 pilots and instead you get 4, is that what you are saying ?

Lowering salaries.
Every plane has a set amount of pilots, so you cannot reduce that.

Oh, Is the country average continually changing ? If one lower’s the employees payment, would that affect anything ??

If you lower employee salaries and you are the only employer in your country the country average will go down.

You can also cut on the amount of flight attendants and network planning staff.