How to repair a broken plane?

Hi, despite having made sure there is enough maintenance (say 200%) time for planes, sometimes some will go down to the red at 50% or slightly below. I first thought it was just money because I made the mistake once to not keep cash for maintenance. But I see this happening in one of my airlines and I do have millions in cash while I have like a 30 years old 737 400 worth 200k / 20k/ months and I don’t imagine the cost of repairing it would be so high. Or Is it considered a hull loss and I’ve been loosing my time over broken planes ?

Spread your maintenance time over the week. Every single flight costs some percent in actual maintenance level. So if you run your plane 24/7 for six days a week and then put all the maintenance time to the seventh day your plane will hit 50% before it reaches the maintenance block. Try to have i.e. daily 3 hour maintenance instead of one weekly 21 hours.

Having 200% maintenance time is a waste of resources because you can never repair to more than 100%. It’s no problem to run a plane at 100,1%.

How do I even set maintenance time?

I have no idea how to do that, it is no option anywhere to schedule maintenance time at all, no idea how to do that…

I have that not set up at all, and at BRU something always happens, everytime, I can`t fix the plane or anything to ferry it back to homebase.

Maintenance will be possible as soon as your airplane rests between flights for more than two hours :+1: