How to uncancel the flights?

I cancelled a flight by mistake, I wonder if there’s a way to reverse my cancellation? It would be quite frustrating just a little technical problem messes up the whole flying plan.

I fear that there is no way to reverse your cancellation.

Oh no, it will be too bad, what a loss! Thanks for the answer.

  1. Delele the flight number from your flight plan for this day.
  2. Create another flight number with the same flight time.
  3. Activate the flight plan.
  4. Wait until the new flight is in the ORS.
  5. Change the flight plan back to the old status, i.e. re-enter the old flight.
  6. Activate the flight plan.

This will not un-cancel the flight but create a new one, so at least you will generate revenue and don't have to worry about transfer flights.