HUB overbooking?

As we all know some popular hubs are overbooking


but when you look on flight schedule you can see 1000+ dash 8 and other small aircraft

Can you make in system option, when HUB get 95%+ booking free slots, system raise airport handling taxes for little aircraft (<130 seats)

Idea is make space for all players forcing then to use bigger planes (with longer turnover)

So if taxes raise, it will not be profitable fly with super small aircraft and we will force players to buy bigger planes

I like that!!!

Nothing new, discussed 1000 times…

But why isn’t it changed?

In another thread sk mentioned that there is a plan to have flexible airport fees, which would adjust to the demand. The main reason it has not been introduced yet seems to be the lack of programming resources.

So, the only things you can do right now is either to wait or to try and convince the programmers that this problem is more important than others.

Yes, they spend their resources to ‘old world’(, since they claim attracting more player is more important than keeping the existing player more happy.

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