Hush Kits

To it even more realistic, you could allow players to add hush kits to their planes (if necessary). There are players who might want to use there old Boeing 727-100 or Tupolev TU-154 to operate to European airports. For example, if you are based in Moscow and you operate a Boeing 727-100, you might want to operate to London. Even though it has the range and capability of flying there, you won’t be able as you are not allowed to operate ‘Stage 1’ aircraft into Western Europe. But in real life, you can fit a hush kit to your plane, and then you could fly to anywhere in the world.

Generally a fine idea. I would be pleased to purchase new hushkits (available in reality) for my MD-80s to calm them down to Chapter 4-standards. Several operators selected these hushkits in Europe, for example Danish Air Transport and Swiftair. However in my markets there are no restrictions for my fleet in Indonesia but I would modify them to reduce the noise-impact.

You can get B737-200’s with Hush Kits fitted in game, they are cheap and plenty available in most worlds.

Maybe a similar option with Winglets?

How do you get hush kits fitted for a B737-200?

Airplanes which are fitted with new hushkits are designated with "(HK)" e.g. "Boeing 737-200 Adv (HK)". Regards

but, can make options for upgrade Airplane?

as we have:

  1. on-board service

  2. Cabin configuration

and new:

  1. upgrade airplane

    a) option to choose 3 type engine (RR, GE, P&W) - some engine is cheaper or faster or consume lower fuel, or cheaper maintenance ets.

    And here we got maintenance if you have same engine on all planes maintenance is 20% lower because you don’t have training crew for new engines,

    Or if you have 3 type of engines you need extra crew and pay 20% more maintance

    Whit that you can have Boeing 737 and Airbus A320/321 in same maintenance group if they use same engines

    B) overhauling - with xxx AS$ you can repair aircraft and neutralize negative points for age

    c) extra equipment - GPS, better gear, Fly by wire (for some aircraft) - whit that you can raise aircraft rate points