I do not know how to set the seat

I do not know how to set the seat,Because I do not know the standard and I have never flown before.
As is known to all, the game must be fair, or players will suffer. We can't use the BUG to play games, because can cause problems of game balance.
But I have a little don't understand, for AS the game, what is a BUG? In the process of BUG about seat, I got an explanation from the AS team, in reality there is no seat configuration that is used the BUG.
I was puzzled by this explanation, AS players must know the airlines? Players must understand the world airline seat?
I tell the AS team now, I have never flown before. I ride the train in India, and is at the top of a train ride. You must feel not normal? This is not possible in most of the people! However, this is a fact.
So, I draw a conclusion with my train experience, have not seen does not represent does not exist, informed do not represent all know. So, I don't think the seat BUG to exist, if the AS team think this is a BUG, you should give a clear standard, like the train, in the United States do not allow the train at the top of the seat, but allows the train in India by people at the top.

Not funny ...