I don't understand the Aircraft Market


On Riem, a very large player just liquidated. They had I think 136 788s and 120-something 764s. Yet only a few of these have appeared on the aircraft market, for example there are only 20 or so 764s listed and probably not even all of them are from that liquidation. Is there a limit of how many aircraft can go onto the market at once?

I also have a general question about pricing on the market. What determines it? Is it a combination of the age and condition of the aicraft as well as how long they have been on the market?

Hope someone can help

Thank you

They will not all go onto the market in the same time. Though they will all come within the next days. You can still see them as public on the aircraft page.

As far as i know, your understanding of the price is right

1. Availability - one per hour is listed

2. Price - combination of age and time on market (condition, to my knowledge, has no impact, or only veyr minimal, and is really not very relevant)

Oh one per hour. Cool, thank you.