I just discovered a cool feature

I was playing around with the map display on the Country Information page - I was hoping that maybe there was a “hover over” feature that would tell you which airport that mysterious red dot is - well, unfortunately there isn’t, but instead , you can find out where any airport is without knowing the country.

Open this page on a browser: http://croydon.airli…ap/paths?paths=

(or any other server). You don’t need to be logged in.

The map appears, centered somewhere off the coast of Africa.

Now type in the IATA code after the "?paths=" and voila, your airport appears on the map. The map automatically re-centers.

You can put in more than one airport code separated by semicolons. The map automatically centers and re-sizes itself.

Now, if someone would add a tooltip hover feature to identify airports, that would be even cooler…:rolleyes:

Hey Tandem,

I just had a go at your suggested tip. Its good how it resizes regardless of how many airports you put in and regardless of where they are.

Still I agree with the ‘hover’ suggestion.

Unfortunately that would require AirlineSim team to create a Map program (Like google maps. AS right now uses GCmap), which will, dare I say, never happen.

[list=1][]We are not using GCmap but our very own implementation.[]Never say never.[/list]

I guess you could add the IATA names next to the red dots? Not perfect, and there might be problems with overlap, but better than nothing. BTW I was just googling Ajax+Wicket+Tooltip, but I’m out of my depth now already.

One can only hope :) And it really looks a lot like great circle mapper

Sorry To bring back this very old post but, I would like to see the hover over for details feature happen.

Unfortunately the original "feature" no longer seems to work, but a hover feature is still a great idea for those of us whose geography is a bit shaky.