I ran out of flight numbers, looking for best solutions

Hi folks. I ran out of flight numbers for my airline.

Airline: Air Velocity
Server: Yeager

Other threads I’ve visited have only briefly touched on what to do after running out of flight numbers. I’ve been debating a few solutions and their pros and cons.

Solution 1.
Upgrade capacity for all narrowbody flights. Something like this:
CRJ700 to E195. E195 to A320. A320 to A321. A321 to B787.


  • I don’t have to start a subsidiary.
  • I keep all previous benefits from interlining.


  • It’s really time intensive.
  • Yeager is a temporary server.
  • It’s hard to amass the number of aircraft required for transfers.

Solution 2.
Begin a subsidiary and continue to order aircraft.


  • It’s less time intensive.
  • Collectively, with both airlines, I can order twice as many aircraft within the span of a week.
  • Less clutter with scheduling and flight numbers.


  • I have to start interlining anew.
  • Besides, the Islander sale and resale method, there’s really no efficient way to transfer funds from my main airline to my subsidiary.

Do you have any advice on how to continue expansion?

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So after looking at your airline I would personally say open a sub.
After looking at your very large fleet list you have some potential to make some serious money off of the sub. I see you have some small fleets like the 22 ERJ-145s and the 23 Dash8-400s. While it would be time consuming you could move the flight plans of those aircraft to a new sub. This would give you a major reduction in maintenance fees as well as open up some flight number.

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Thanks for your response, that makes a lot of sense! My expansion strategy left me with redundant maintenance slots…

I would not bother personally myself replacing aircraft on a temporary server

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A 3rd option would be via-flights. With a via-flight you can fly to 2 destinations with only 1 flight number. But it makes your company much harder to control and maintain

You’ve got 13 maint categories in your fleet?
Just out of curiosity, how much do you pay for maint?


I pay way too much. For the curious: last week’s maintenance cost totaled to $136 million AS. That’s 31% of my total cost.

Fortunately, I have enough medium and short haul trunk routes to be amazingly profitable without premium configurations. It’s all in the name of aggressive expansion!

But then I don’t understand why you didn’t go with subs already.
Expansion could go as fast, but you’d save roundabout 80million per week in maint.
I mean, your fleet of 10 ERJ-145 stand alone costs you almost 18 million in maint.

Joining this topic a bit late, but… something else I don’t understand: How are you running out of flight numbers already? Judging by your number of flights per week, you should still have enough flight numbers left… Maybe you just have many unused flight numbers that you haven’t deleted yet? There’s any easy option do to that in flight numbers management. I’d think you can just continue with your main airline and not actually run out of flight numbers before the game world is over.

That’s a good point. I do have about two thousand numbers left. I’m just analyzing all my options here, because at this rate of growth, it seems possible that I’d be stuck in less than a month.

You’re absolutely right. I’m purchasing them and transferring them to my subsidiary. I should have started a subsidiary earlier.

I run westernjet, just ran out as well.

For comparison I was at 112 million in maintenance with much older aircraft.

If it was a permanent server I would replace everything with 700 A320N, 700 A321N and 200 787s. But as it isn’t I honestly don’t have any good advice other than opening a subsidiary and continue ordering planes there. Though remember that a holding shares backlog, so you wont get more deliveries!

Off topic: I don’t understand how you manage such a messy fleet. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to.