I will make you a free logo for your airline! (with one condition)


airhun logo
Yes that’s right. I will make you a logo of your very own! Above, I have attached a sample of some of the work I have don e for my own airlines. Only thing I ask of you is that in return for me making you a logo is that you join my airline alliance in the OTTO game world. This means (for now) I will only make logos for people in the OTTO game world. But hey that might change later, who knows! If you would like a logo, please comment her and apply to be in my alliance (Royal Alliance). Thank you for your time and have a great day!

Is this still applicable? :slight_smile:

No, sorry I have changed to a different server. However, you can tell me what type of logo you want and I may make a logo for you if I have some spare time, but there is no guarantee.

That’s so nice of you! My airlines:

flyOrea, a greek airline in medium segment, I’d love greek influences :slight_smile:
and Royal Victorian, british, more expensive segment like Lufthansa, maybe noble colours like wine red! Thanks a lot if you have time!!

Hi, Im already in your alliance on Bleriot. My airline is Last Flight Airways. Could you make me an logo. I tried myself but my skills in paint are limited :slight_smile:

Hey, I made your logo. Both the small and the large logos. Could you please give me your email so that I can send it to you?

I’m afraid you’re not talking to me, right? :confused:

I will make yours too, but I put alliance members before everyone else. I will make yours as well do not worry.

That’s understandable! Thank you so much :slight_smile: