Iberiana for Sale

Hello all,

My passion on the airline has gone, I can’t help it. So I decided to sell the company.

Air Iberiana(IB) is right now in a good condition, with a fleet of 100 aircrafts, serving over 100 destinations from Barcelona to Europe, North America, ME and Africa.

I will now sell all my shares so whoever gets most of them will finally have a control of the company, it might be a little pricy but I guess there are probably big companies which can afford it.

See you all in a new game world I hope.


CEO Iberiana

The worth of your shares is 250 Mio AS$. I think, that anyone hasn`t enough money to buy all shares.

Passion gone after ten weeks, how can this happen?

Nobody can afford all of the shares but the half of them would maybe be enough to get control, we´ll see what the big ones like Airbroad and Co. will do.

If your passion is gone you can also reset the company


ah, I have been playing this game for a while, under another username, guess I am just generally bored…

and I do have a deadline for this company, if no one can take control of it, I will have to click that button. It’s like something you own, destroying it is the last thing you wanna do no?

It would have to be a European holding company to maintain traffic rights, and since Air Iberiana is the biggest company in europe by far (at least by number of passengers transported), no one will be able to afford it.

UNLESS someone returns all aircraft to leasers and uses all $$$ to get the 30% plurality

That’s different with what I’ve learnt. Now suppose you’re right, then only if a spanish company takes control, everything can remain the same, because a French company can’t fly BCN-JFK neither can its subsidiaries right?

This is true. The same traffic rights are only granted to another Spanish holding company.

sold 1 $

for that money I would have bought it myself.

Just to ask, when will be the deadline for your company? But i don’t think that i will reach enough money to buy it from you

Guapo doesn’t play anymore : no connexion from the 4th of July

His company will be reseted in a few weeks if nothing happens

Depends on how many credits he has bought. The company does still make huge profits.

I would prefer a reset (manually or from system) to get rid of the 3000 shares I still own, it´s

just dead money except a few bucks dividend…

I think he heard you

Good news, thought I have to wait until December to get my money back :D

hello chaps, yes, I’d decided to close around these days but after reading this post through I closed it right away.

Good luck with your airlines and let’s play together soon again.