iceport MUC IPO is now open !

iceport MUC, a new innovative terminal concept, provides five star terminal services at Munich International Airport for all airlines on Aspern.

Our innovative approach to handling is based on mutual ownership of the terminal, where best rates for handling are reserved for terminal shareholders through a shareholder plan. The terminal allocates half of the overall capacity to it’s owners at an astonishingly low price of 7.70 AS$ / pax.

With the launch of the IPO, this shareholder plan now comes available to all airlines on Aspern. In order to book this astonishing capacity, you need to own twice the amount of share in proportion to your needed capacity. After the IPO, the terminal will have a minimum capacity of 20 000 weekly PAX and total number of 312 937  shares of which 62 587 were available in the IPO. If the IPO is oversubscribed, it will translate to a larger terminal after the IPO. After the IPO the main shareholder Icelandic Air Shuttle will put additional shares into the stock market so that you can get the additional shares you need. If you at some point no longer need the shares, you can sell them at the stock market and recover your original investment !

It is our concept to sell the remaining 50% of the terminal capacity to other operators at a slight discount from AS standard handling. These funds will be used to distribute dividends to owners and to expand the terminal in the future. In order to facilitate full use of terminal capacity, this capacity is sold in two separate plans, Standard plan and Provisional plan. With Standard plan we sell up to 50% of the total terminal capacity at 10.45 AS$. This plan is guaranteed to our customers. Provisional plan is priced at slightly lower price at 10.12 AS$, but it is subject to termination as it may be provided from the capacity that is reserved for shareholders but not used at the time of signature.

Subscibe now to the IPO to reserve your space in the terminal and get the best possible service with the lowest possible price  !