Idlewild internal errors


I keep getting lot’s and lot’s of internal errors lately. I basically cannot put a new aircraft into service (flight planning and activate schedule) without retrying it again and again.

Right now, I basically get no response at all, at almost all screens (Offices, flight schedule, opening up new offices, etc. etc.).

This is really annoying.

Seemed to be a server problem at this time. AFAIK everything is fine again.But there is still a backlog on the update-script.


Today in the morning it was really bad, but I used to get these internal errors over the past two weeks with every new aircraft that I got. I could not put one aircraft into service without getting at least one internal error.

It’s a problem arround midnight sunday-monday UTC as the statistics will be updated. It’s every week busy at this time on the server so these errors may occur

I had the Internal error spread over the whole week. Mornings, evenings, daytime and on any weekday.