Image vs. Product?

Okay, so my Saab 340Bs are a good type, they have a positive rating with passengers.

However, since most of them are over 20 years old the 'Aircraft age' section is very negative, as well as some of the conditions of the planes.

I know the condition will change, but, my image is still 2 negative bars, however the product overall is good.

Does having a good product but a bad image lead to success? 

I really don´t care about my image but on other factors :blush: but I am clearly the minority. Image changes while your airline evolves - in a positive way or negative. The majority of my planes are rather old but I don´t see much differences between an old A321 or a new one.

I seems to be obessed too with keeping all the ratings at 5 green bars, especailly my overall Image. However, when I decided to choose aircrafts for my international flights, I went with A340s because you can get used ones really cheap (and you can still make good profit after maintance cost). However, most of them will give you a maximum image of 3 or 4 green bars due to negative image for the age of aircraft. I balance this by making sure I have new fleet of E190s (which I use as feeders for my international flights). For the last 3 months, I have 5 green bars for all of my overall company image, but the arrow has been pointing downwards, but nothing has changed.

My advice, add some new aircrafts to counter balance the image factors from your Saabs.