In-game EAS

In America we have something called EAS, Essential Air Service.


Pretty much the government pays airlines a flat fee to fly a certain amount of seats a week.

It would be cool if there was a way for airlines could apply for EAS to fly to smaller airports that aren't served a lot or at all. 

The one requirement I would like to see is that only airlines who earn under X amount of money a week can apply. This would keep the mega airlines from applying for EAS.


This would not make sense in AS.

In real life USA, EAS exists because service to those small airports is unprofitable and nobody wants to fly there willingly (taking commercial risk).

In AS, even one bar airports can be very profitable if nobody flies there. And for the one bar airports to turn not profitable, there must be multiple airlines flying there, reducing profits for everyone. But when you have multiple airlines flying there, the airport is already served by these airlines taking commercial risk willingly, so the airport would not qualify for EAS status anyway, As you see, this is Airlinesim Catch-22, and as such, would not make sense implementing in AS.